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DED LED is an independently organized collection of writing originally published on Kill Screen between 2013 and 2016.
A zine about game development using PICO-8.
A zine of little games
A PWYW TG/TF story in the Zone universe
Novelization of the game
A light novel about awkward girls crushing on eachother
A PWYW short story in the Zone universe
A short story about snake-women, questioning oneself, and gender
a curatorial poetry chapbook with a large number of algorithms, bots, generators, and code snippets.
Fight the war within to survive the war without. A diverse, dramatic grand strategic fantasy novel.
A visual essay on gay experience.
Here's the story I wrote for the Lite Novel Jam!
Self-discovery in a library. NSFW-ish content.
A book about Spec Ops: The Line
A fictional slice-of-life short story about living with Bruce Lee.
Type down to discover how these 4 tales entwine
Take a look! Sketchbook for 2016
Lesbian twist of the Nutcracker
The Tales of a Psychopomp and Demonic Corgi
episodic space opera
episodic space opera
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