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Thousand Rooms is a visual novel following the behaviours of four characters and a room.
game spaces + architecture
process sheet for forgetful rpg
An Illustrated Pocket Field Guide
An unofficial book on Undertale, delving into the game's explorations of compassion.
An illustrated light novel about squids, maids, squid maids, and gender feels
Development diary and documentary photos from the making of the game.
An ebook about social media and The Trans Narrative
An unofficial investigation into the strange history behind this lost horror game.
art and story booklets accompanying the demo release
The Art of SUNSET and The Diary of Angela Burnes
A rich collection of short stories and poems. Twilight zone breakfasts and garden espionage awaits!
A novella written in twine, about what we think we need to be what we want, and what we become when given just that.
A genre-rich collection of short stories and poems. Sci-fi museums and Lovecraftian cave horrors await!
Why do so many casual games tell you to stop playing them?
Three witches best learn to trust each other, and fast...
cute drawings of wizards who are also cats
Graduate Student Literary Journal
queer superhero love story
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