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Need something to do this weekend? Try out a game jam!

Jams, jams, jams! If jam hosts could take a break for just one minute, I’d appreciate it, but that’s not really in the spirit of jamming is it? This week there are a trio of popular jams that deserve your attention. No matter what genre or engine you want to work with, there’s something for everyone.

Extra Credits Game Jam 3

One of the biggest gaming Youtube channels is also a game jam in the form of the third Extra Credits Game Jam. Starting this Thursday teams will have 100 hours to build a game based around a currently un-announced theme. Entries in the jam may be featured in an upcoming Extra Credits video and seen by thousands. The stakes are high, but the tone of the jam is relaxed so anyone can join in.  

As of writing there are almost 900 people signed up to jam, so if you’re interested in being a part of the fun, make sure you sign up soon!


National Novel Writing Month doesn’t happen until November, but writing-minded developers can get in on the action early in Nanoreno! Throughout the the month of march entrants are asked to fully create a visual novel from start to finish. Despite this only being the 5th year the jam has been hosted on, jammers have come together under the Nanoreno banner since 2005.

If you want to join this esteemed company, then get your fingers stretched out and get ready for a whole lot of typing. Nanoreno starts this Thursday.

7 Day Roguelike Challenge

Roguelikes are a popular genre, so it makes sense there would be a jam based around games with generative elements. 7DRL is another jam that’s been running since 2005 and this year’s competition is a little more flexible than its name might suggest. The jam itself runs from this thursday to 3/10 --and math inclined readers might notice that’s more than a week. You’re free to use any 7 days inside that period to make your game, so you don’t have to worry about timing quite as much.

If you’re interested in making a game that is never the same way twice, 7DRL is one of the best ways to do it.

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Just a note, the timeframe for the 7DRL challenge is from March 2 to March 10 in your timezone (Saturday to Sunday, as it's always been :)), pick max 7 days to work within these dates.


Ahh, thanks for the clarification Slashie. That's an important point!