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Announcing Selects, curated bundle of some of our favorite games

Curation is more important than ever. Here at we’re dedicated to finding and celebrating the best content. As a part of this we’re happy to announce a  fresh bundle bundle of handpicked content available on discount: Selects. These are some of our favorite games, and ones we know the community will love. Act quickly, because this bundle only lasts for 1 week.

Get the Selects Bundle

For $10 you’ll get all of the following:

VA-11 Hall-A

The world is a horrible place ruled by the amoral elite. VA-11 Hall-A isn’t a story about how the world got so rotten, but about huddling together with others affected by a cyberpunk dystopia. Play as a bartender and get to know your clients’ struggles in this unique world. Also there’s a cool dog.

Lieve Oma

It’s fall and a perfect time to go picking mushrooms with your grandma.  Experience an honest and intimate tale about the developer’s relationship with their family and fall in love with the game’s unique and vibrant aesthetic.

Kenney Assets Pack 3

Making games is hard, especially if you have no visual aesthetic sense. This is where asset packs like Kenney’s come in. Containing thousands of visual assets for you to include in your projects, you can find building sprites, enemy sprites, and environment tiles across a ton of different styles in the pack.


Cats are great. Space is great. Somehow it took us until this year to combine the two in video game form. Here’s Mewnbase, the cutest space-survival game ever. Enjoy the coldest recesses of space from the luxury of your spacesuit and try not to let your feline astronaut die.

Rusty Lake Roots

Enjoy the most twisted look at European horror that the masterminds at Rusty Lake can devise. See the sights of a landscape that is as twisted as the family that lives on it. Uncover the secrets that tie this lengthy series all together and make it one of our favorite mysteries of the past year.

Dark Train

Dark Train is a game entirely made of paper. It’s a uniquely dark and oppressive adventure game that forces you to come to grips with its world and mechanics at its terms. Fall in love with this award-winning adventure now.

We hope you enjoy our selection of games this time around. Look forward to future selects bundles

In this post and 6 others
6 items for $50.90 $10.00 (save 80%)
Bundle ended 2017-11-30T07:59:59Z

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In this post and 6 others
6 items for $50.90 $10.00 (save 80%)
Bundle ended 2017-11-30T07:59:59Z

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I really love the idea of a handpicked bundle like this. Itch has so many interesting games, I can't wait to see which ones are picked to be featured!

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks for choosing us <3

Nice bundle. Bit of a shame about Dark Train. A lot of folks maybe picked it up already when it was free a month ago.

Thanks for the kind words! It is okay, who wants to support, will support :)