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Contest closed. Bugger off, the lot of ya.

I like VA-11 Hall-A, I like Kenney’s assets, and I like giving gifts to my friends. Most of you aren’t my friends, but I’m providing the opportunity for two lucky gentlemen to receive this bundle for free.

Send me an e-mail with your favourite game that I should review, and I’ll throw your names into a computer and let RNGesus decide who gets what. Whoever follows my profile gets their name written twice. Yes, you have to find my e-mail. Yes, I’m only paying for two bundles, so if you don’t get the gift in your inbox, too bad.

Also, “gentlemen” is a gender-neutral term. It’s like “dude”, or “scavenger”.

Edit: Okay you all have until, uhhh... nine hours until the deadline to get your submissions in. If you don’t... you know who you are.

By the way, there’s a technical quirk with my purchase where it won’t go through, the details of which I sent to support. I might have to suspend the contest if it doesn’t magically fix itself by the last day, so be warned.