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This is so adorable. There's pure joy in just going UP as much as you can on each balloon. I would have loved an endless/untimed mode so I could just keep going!

Oh, whoops. Well, take the above and apply it more broadly, I guess.

I appreciate that that means it was different from a regular demo for you, and that you submitted it to a charity bundle you didn't profit off of.

I would still—personally!—prefer not to have demos in bundles in general, especially as the Itch megabundles add things permanently to your library if you download them.

On another topic, I'll add my voice here to the people who would be excited by a full Itch release. Valve gets more than enough of my money, and I rather prefer to pay to keep the lights on at the Itch headquarters instead.

Oh, that's a shame. I wish devs wouldn't put demos in bundles. It really goes against the spirit of the thing. Still, looking forward to snapping up the full release!

Any chance of the full version coming to Itch?

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Just bought this! It's really cute, but it seems to be glitching for me. It won't let me rename my dinosaur (I can click the button, but nothing happens), and I can't move any of the plants, either. Luckily I can still pet my dinosaur and make her eat etc., but that's it.

ETA: In overlay mode, my dinosaur also sits all the way at the bottom of my screen, instead of on top of the task bar like in the trailer video. It's causing problems, since trying to click on it (even if I click on the game in the taskbar first) makes me accidentally click on my apps instead. It also crashes whenever I try to apply evolutions to my dinosaurs, like expanding their lives or happiness meter. I'm using Windows 11, BTW!

I appreciate you being kind and direct in response to this question (unlike whoever downvoted them). We all start learning from somewhere.

Yay! Steam is good, too, if you don't. But I prefer Itch's business model.

This is fun! Like you guys cut out and then expanded on the part of Animal Crossing that's just chasing fun little critters. Any chance of the full game coming to Itch?

This was cute! I thought the graphics were nicely polished, and the combination of silent incremental idle game with story cutscenes you personally cue yourself when you're ready for them is exactly what I want from a narrative idler.

Cute! This was a really clever idea. Some of the descriptions didn't quite work for me (for instance, I made the fidget spinner with the curved lines pointing outward, not inward, although I guessed what it was supposed to be correctly), but this was a unique good time.

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Instead of lowering the price of the game, is there any chance we could just get a Steam key with our purchase so we can access the version that updates itself?

(I'm assuming this already occurred to the devs, but it seemed worth a suggestion. I much prefer buying on Itch to support devs and the site if I can, but it's nice when it's not the less convenient option as well as the less affordable one.)

Ahh, that makes sense! Thank you. (And I saw the solution for the other one I was a bit confused about.)

This was a really cute premise for a game! Unravelling who each demon was was fun, although I'm confused about some of the correct answers. (e.g. the demon who explicitly says they were just about to go drink coffee had "will refuse any drink other than water" at the top of their page).

This was interesting. I played for a few hours but never quite felt like I was getting the hang of what I was supposed to be doing. It feels ambitious for the game's size (I was surprised when I realized I could essentially do quests in entirely different locations!), but I always felt I was meant be doing something more—exploring? Killing more monsters? More research? Figuring out how to use all those random robot arms the spacedog wanted me to build for some reason? Using my repaired space shuttle and actually going to the temporary locations it suggested and somehow not dying once I was there?

Not to argue with Marc's very valid experience, but I personally liked the wall of text because it instantly told me I was getting a story campaign along with my casual gameplay; it was part of what drew me in. (I also play games like this on mute a lot of the time, so audio wouldn't do much for me personally without a visual signal/text.)

Maybe you could look into options to change the font so it's larger and easier to read if necessary for people with vision impairment? And/or have it so just one paragraph at a time appears on the screen in larger font and you click to continue.

Awesome! I prefer to buy on here because I like Itch's business model regarding devs getting to choose how much of a cut the website takes much better. (And it's reassuring to have a DRM-free copy in the unlikely case Steam ever goes under.)

This was super fun! I wishlisted it on Steam so I can nab the full thing once it's out. Is there going to be an option to buy it on Itch and get a Steam code once it's available?

This was a real delight to play. Just beautifully made. I didn't want to say goodbye to the cast when the curtain rolled!

Hey, thank you for the thoughtful response! It does actually make me feel way better knowing that that was your intention, and it wasn't just done thoughtlessly.

I think in the future, any sort of wink and nudge that shows that the game knows what it's doing helps a lot. Even something small, like if when you first looked at the book your friend said something like, "Oh yeah, my uncle was obsessed with that thing. It's kind of embarrassing. We're not Inuit and I don't think he's ever even met an Inuit person? He was just obsessed with that one story with no other context..." That shows that the character himself is appropriating the story, rather than making it feel like the game is. I'm not sure in this case if it would fix the finger-chopping pages being hidden in the basement to ratchet up the tension or the assumption that no one playing would be Inuit or familiar with Inuit religion, but it would help a lot. And I believe you when you say that going forward you're going to continue making the effort to be mindful of how cultural stories are integrated in your work.

Just want to emphasize again that I enjoyed the game. It was creative and well-designed, and I'm definitely going to check out The Third Shift and your other work. I hope you keep making games! Thank you for listening and staying humble.

Finally got the chance to play this tonight as prep for all the spooky horror I'm going to indulge in this Halloween season! Some thoughts: I love the overall aesthetic, the Gameboy graphic combined with moments of horrifying detailed close-ups worked great. The friend's "dead fish eyes" in particular were disturbing. I thought the way the tension built each day was well done, and it managed to spook me in unexpected ways rather than the ones I expected. I'll echo others and say that I expected to get something really screwed up from the water and have it announced in the cheery "you found..." voice, although the hand popping up with the key was great, too. The fish heads disappearing from the fridge were also a nice touch!

I do have some additional thoughts on the plot. I already knew the tale of Sedna; she's not uncommon as a motif up north, though not as common as she should be, and I learned about her and saw art of her growing up. I don't want to assume anything about you or your background, and I'm saying this to offer a perspective rather than out of anger, so take this as gently as it's meant if you can. I apologize if you *are* Inuit and I'm just totally off base. But it left a bad taste in my mouth to have her legend, which is so important to a deeply oppressed culture still recovering from colonization, treated like nothing but a ghost story. Especially the way it was told piece by piece (with the assumption we don't already know it), and then hiding the story's conclusion in the basement like this big reveal to try to play her fingers being chopped off for shock value. Moreover, for her to be reduced down to a spooky water monster in a lake the way you might use something from the Cthulhu mythos just seems...wrong.

If you go to the Canadian Parliament, you can see a commemorative statue celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nunavut becoming a territory, made by the Inuit artist Bart Hanna. It's of Sedna. If you look at her, she's beautiful, smiling gently as she's surrounded by the creatures that came of her fingers and now support human life. Her demands are that you share your catches selflessly with the rest of your people and never be cruel to the animals whose lives are taken. I know people crib from dominant religions like Christianity all the time for horror, but it really discomfited me to see Inuit mythology most people still aren't familiar with being used to try to scare or disgust players, instead of just making the monster some generic thing from the deep.

I've put two hours into this, but it feels like more! A perfect bite-sized game for quick study breaks. It's adorable and I love it.

There isn't a Mac version currently uploaded. You can check to see which files you get when you purchase something under the Purchase heading at the bottom. That said, maybe they'll be able to upload it for you.

Oh, for sure! It wasn't criticism of your decision, you explained the reasons why perfectly well. Just that people voting against it are probably voting that way because it prices it out of their range.

Nothing wrong with an Itch exclusive. The only thing is that the price being in USD might make it prohibitively expensive to some people since it won't adjust the currency for them the way Steam does. (I'm in Canada and would still easily be able to buy it!)

I found a bug: when I opened the game at the beginning of the winter season, there was no gift box with my starting peas in it, which means I can't buy any crops or plant anything for this season. I'll see if it resets once it's back to springtime.

I've been using this a lot! It really is helpful for keeping track of when to work and take a break; I was using webpage timers before, but for some reason they never seemed to want to go off reliably and the tab tended to get buried with the rest.

It's a bit unusual for a game of this size, but might I recommend a bit of DLC? Once you unlock everything, there's nothing incremental you can spend your peas on. I'd be more than willing to pay a few more dollars to add in, say, ways to buy outfits for all your cute pixel friends, or decorations for the farm. (I actually delayed clearing out my entire field because I liked how some of the "obstacles" looked.)

Sure thing! Thanks for getting back to me.

Hi, again! It says that the game comes with a Steam key, but I don't see one on my download page. I've noticed that tends to be the case with games bought in bundles, but since I bought this one directly I'm a bit confused.

Is there any chance of us getting the full Melon Journey game on Itch as well?

Rather late, but the creator linked a Bandcamp page in another comment!

This was cute! I think personally I would have liked a tiny bit more time per level, or barring that a button you could press to quickly reset the level, since using the claw wrong once was usually enough to fail the level. But it was good, simple arcade fun with just the right number of levels to get through! Thanks for building us a tiny game for free!

Small and sweet. I said good-bye to where I lived.

Thank you for getting back to me! Alright, looking forward to getting the game on here, then. :)

Is the current sale on Steam going to be applied here, too?

Cheers, good to see that those have been cleaned up!

Oh! I'm sorry, I thought sales were set by devs on Steam. In any case, excited to finally pick this one up on here!

Will the sale on Steam right now be applied here on Itch as well? I prefer to buy games here if I can, but the currency conversion makes it pricey.

This has quite the original puzzle mechanic! And you got a lot of leverage out of it. I found a handful of the platform-oriented rooms a bit annoying―it's one thing to fail at a test of reflexes, and another to fail because you can't see anything―but the room design in general was really clever.

I loved the scraps of lore, and the QR code element gave a cool delay to the information you gain that made it feel like it had more weight once you "decoded" it. One gimmick would have been enough, so I love that there are two and that they work so well together. Although I can see why other players found it annoying, particularly if you don't time things well enough for a screenshot before the code gets whisked away.

I'm not sure I really understood the ending, but that means I'll be thinking about it for a while longer and that's not at all a bad thing. Brilliant submission! 

Yay, update! Thank you for clarifying what choosing your hemisphere does, I love that it aligns with the seasons in realtime!