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This was interesting. I played for a few hours but never quite felt like I was getting the hang of what I was supposed to be doing. It feels ambitious for the game's size (I was surprised when I realized I could essentially do quests in entirely different locations!), but I always felt I was meant be doing something more—exploring? Killing more monsters? More research? Figuring out how to use all those random robot arms the spacedog wanted me to build for some reason? Using my repaired space shuttle and actually going to the temporary locations it suggested and somehow not dying once I was there?

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Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate!

Right now I am working on a major update for Stacks:Space, that will improve mid- and late-game phases. There will be a map of locations, like in Stacks:Jungle, spaceships and space battles (dedicated spaceship-only maps), bionic implants for astronauts/cyborgs, hardware upgrades for bots, factions you can side with (androids/empire/pirates), and more quests! Not dying included - dangerous boosters and locations will have proper labels/color marks.

Can’t promise the exact date yet, as I am working solo and my day job is quite exhausting, but it should be ready sometime in early 2024. I hope you will enjoy it :)