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You also need a Golden Crown. Stack together: Castle + Crown + Amulet.

Firefox will work too. For some, it even works better than Chrome… If you encounter the freeze, please let me know how you did that. I thought that I eliminated all known bugs :)

You can always play the web version on PC in full-screen mode.

Regarding the PC: which version of Windows do you have? This game supports Win 10/11 only. It will crash at the start on anything older than Win 10.

The Castle idea is in the “advanced thinking” booster, or it could be researched via the Library card.

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Click on the “area map”, then click on the “Portal” location to get a travel card.

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Yep, there is a custom cursor. Which browser do you use? It should work fine in Chrome or Firefox (the newer the better).

Alternatively, your cursor may disappear if you have a gamepad plugged in. If this is the case, you will see a red dot instead.

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Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate!

Right now I am working on a major update for Stacks:Space, that will improve mid- and late-game phases. There will be a map of locations, like in Stacks:Jungle, spaceships and space battles (dedicated spaceship-only maps), bionic implants for astronauts/cyborgs, hardware upgrades for bots, factions you can side with (androids/empire/pirates), and more quests! Not dying included - dangerous boosters and locations will have proper labels/color marks.

Can’t promise the exact date yet, as I am working solo and my day job is quite exhausting, but it should be ready sometime in early 2024. I hope you will enjoy it :)

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It includes Android + Mac versions. If you have bought the version, you will receive a Steam key too - via email.

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No, not really. Stacklands has different game mechanics and a lot more content. Note that all such games will be very similar visually because it is essentially a fantasy Solitaire with crafting :)

See this image for example. Does it look like Stacklands? It very much does :)

Just keep beating him. There is a fixed 10% chance of true death, and you should get it done in 7-15 tries depending on RNG and your luck :)

Please note: this game is not Stacklands! Stacklands is here:

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It has been two years since Stacklands release. Stacklands is a genre now :)

Hopefully, developers will make more games like that.

Your license is not really a license… Based on your description, you should state that you release assets under the CC-BY-ND 4.0:

I wonder how many differences in game mechanics people can spot :)

IN+AG = work speed ST = melee damage AG = ranged attacks EN = HP

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Well, that part of a Dial has something to do with the INFER-0 and biomass ;)

(if you already used that biomass, bring some from your reserves, and see if it can be combined into something)

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Hmm... Looks like a broken upload. I've uploaded a new version of APK which should also support the newest devices - please try now? (please uninstall the old app!)

Oops, somehow because of the link to Stacklands the cover image was automatically fetched from Stacklands. The link is now removed, and the cover image is now showing up as expected.

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Finally, Stacks:Space got brand new art, music, and exciting new features!

Stacks:Space is an asteroid mine base builder card game with rogue-lite elements. It is created with Stacks:Engine, a card game framework, heavily inspired by beautiful Stacklands. Buy booster packs to get new cards, discover craft recipes by stacking cards together, create structures, manufacture drones and droids, defend your base from enemies, visit distant planets, and more!

Check out Stacks:Space at
Includes free demo for Windows and Android!

(Stacks:Space has not been posted here previously, so v1.0.4 counts as the first major release, I hope)