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A Tool to add 3D effects to a image
raylib fx sound generator based on sfxr
Easily move Steam games on your computer
A simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming.
Edit Custom Palettes to use in your projects
Lua binding for raylib, a simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming.
Editor extension for Unity3d
a MEL script for colouring curves
From 2D or 3D skeletal animated character to pixelart spritesheets in just a few seconds.
A fault tolerant gettext encoder/decoder for Lua
Client Launcher and Patching Builder Toolkit
For people who work in front of a screen
A tool for placing a lot of clutter in Unity
A tool for making builds and pushing them to Itch with the push of a button.
Tells you the length of one beat, one measure, and your whole song
Play in browser
Spritedow Animator is an easy to use standalone sprite animation system for Unity3D.
Text for Unity, Super-Powered!
Custom Low Poly 3D Editor
Dither Brushes for Photoshop, as used on stream.
Simple webradio client to listen to your favourite stations
A simple palette editor for TIC-80, export to sprite memory
Play in browser
Easily create, visualize and manage custom characters, skills and effects
Basic system information for 32-bit OSes.
Cheat Sheet generator tool. Build quick manuals, instructions or tips.
Fully procedural game development system (early access public beta). Editor and demos available now!
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