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Typically a graphical style where there are one two colors. (A bit can be either on or off, so two options) Commonly black and white, but can be any combination depending on the style the creator is trying to accomplish. 

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Simple fontsprite editing with lots of functions
convert any image to a Bitsy room
Run in browser
Procedural Sprite Generator
A capable fantasy console with a solid Entity Component System as its backbone.
Generate minimalist pixel starships!
A fantasy console made for the Fantasy Console Dev Jam 2017
A Fantasy Console using an esoteric programming language and INI files.
the 4 Bits Of DOOM! is a 4 bit esoteric fantasy console
Run in browser
A fantasy console for making small LCD games, such as virtual pets
Super duper awesome fantasy console!
Run in browser
Test project to show off my speech synthesizer made in Python. Might use to make a conversation bot.
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