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Random music generator for games
simple, transparent media viewer
Allows the use of custom parameters on RPG Maker MV project
A minimal high and low pass filter plugin. Easily tweak the cutoff!
A cool little delay effect for your music production needs.
A message encoder and decoder to create hidden messages
Save WhatsApp Status, Direct Chat with Anyone and WhatsApp Cleaner in WhatsTools
To quickly and easily see what a possible platform engine could look like.
Run in browser
A simple tool used to calculate the speed of a projectile.
Generate JSON from your PS image assets, load objects in GameMaker.
tool for optimising exploration in metroidvania games.
Run in browser
Acquire control over perlin noise and tame your procedural generation the easy way.
A simple tool for determine whether environmental conditions are suitable for your device.
A script that modifies RPG Maker MV UI easily
The most complete and customizable screenshot creator for Unity3D.
A music beat extractor for audio files (mp3, …) made with Godot
A puzzlescript drumkit
Run in browser
3D mesh to scale inside the BIMRAY 3D environment
Run in browser
A graphical toy exploring the visual hallucinations of neural networks
A digital posable wooden mannequin which can help you draw poses
An easy to use editor to create nice looking maps
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