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How paid downloads work?

A topic by Shepherd Games created 14 days ago Views: 67 Replies: 4
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I have setup a project . I made it free but I have given a price to the downloads. When I test it, I can see "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" and when I click on it takes me to the download page but I can't see any files for downloads.

My objective is to make both the files independent with their own prices. Users can download either of the files or both for the mentioned price. 

Can anyone help me on this?

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I can at least confirm the issue.

Unfortunately I haven’t worked with the system yet (so take my input with a grain of salt), but my understanding is that it is possible to mark some files as available to everyone and some files as only available to those who paid more than X money. Maybe you marked the files for that by accident?

I’ve also seen issues reported in these forums where there was an index file missing, but that would have blocked the upload in the first place - I think. Again: I want to help, but in this case I’m unqualified besides an additional pair of eyes and some recent memories. :/

P.S.: Hold on… Those eyes I was just talking about spied something… Both files are marked as “if you pay $0.49 USD or more”. There you go. :)

That is what my confusion is.. Whether I can set price for both the files.. Now, it is clarified. Thanks. 


It doesn't work that way anyway. Once people pay a certain amount for a game, they get access to all the files available for that amount or less, whether it's the game's default minimum price or not. If you want two files sold independently that just happen to have the same price, make two game pages, and simply set a minimum price on each. Hope this helps.

Makes sense. Thanks for explaining. I will do as suggested. :)