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This was built from scratch. To reskin you need the source code. This package is the source code. 


Makes sense. Thank you for your response. :)

If I bought a bundle and in the future, the content creator added more items to the bundle, will I have access to the new items as well? Or is it just the old ones?

I think my wife will not approve. XD

Sure. I can do that.

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Thank you for the purchase. :)

I just tried to make a copy, it's working fine. Not sure why it is an error for you.

Please email me at I will need your gmail account id to create a copy for you. 

Thank you :)

Thank you!

This is only to replace the background in the camera. The video call is not yet implemented.

I will message you on Discord to understand the issue better.

That's strange. Let me check.

Sure thing!

Thanks for your opinion.

Thank you for reviewing our game. Will keep this in mind next time I make a game. :)

You have a great day!


I'm a 2D game developer with a very good experience in developing various games for mobile, desktop and web platforms from one tap ultra casual game to complex online multiplayer games using Construct 3.

Please review my portfolio here - 

If you have a requirement, you may contact me on my discord server - or write to

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you.

Investigate and solve murder mystery by exploring the crime scene, finding clues and interrogating suspects.

Life in the Machine is on 50% sale now. 

Life in the Machine is a detective game series, which is carried by a story of a Detective Sam Coleman. The story starts in the year 3028, where androids and humans live a similar life with androids having almost equal rights as humans.

Game page -

Game page -

Life in the Machine is a detective game series, which is carried by a story of a Detective Sam Coleman. The story starts in the year 3028, where androids and humans live a similar life with androids having almost equal rights as humans.

Each episode consists of a crime investigation by Sam, accompanied by his personal story, and mini-games like interrogating  the suspect, chasing, hacking, operating a human body, etc.

We are trying to make this game as a full entertainment to our users and at same time we are doing our best to give a very good user experience.

We have uploaded a demo version here to have a good exposure and receive feedback from the potential users to make the game better.

Check our cool promos

Note: the game doesn't have audio as of now.

Consider supporting my work, helps me to develop more assets and games for you

Thank you :D

Hey thanks mate for playing the game. Yes, it's straight forward as of now. I'm going to add more levels, light bulb is going to be the first level so thought to make it easy and self explanatory but I hear your suggestion, I will make it little challenging. :D

oh.. what makes you think that way?  XD

Game completed. Thanks for your support.

You may the play the game or download it here -

Added coin system and final reward. V1.3.0

Added enemies and lives system. V1.2.0

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I have started a game called Maantrikudu. It's a simple platformer game with few levels. I'm going to develop it in few stages, and I will update the progress everytime on this post.

I hope you will like the project and support me.

Game Link -

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Closing this project, as I have no intentions to continue further unless anyone wants me to for their benefit.

It has the enough source code for anyone to build/complete the rest of the alphabets. 

Wow, thanks alot for your detailed review. I'm so glad that you liked it. :D

Yes, I was planning for a bigger gameplay but due to the limitation I had to cut it down to the only screen.

That's okay. Thanks for playing. :)

Fixed all the mentioned bugs. Thank you for reporting.

Nicely done. The game runs very smooth. Although, the concept is not new, the execution is well done. 

If you have a moment, could you please review and rate my game as well. :)

Thanks alot for reviewing the game and your kind your words. :D

Thank you for your review.  

It should bring the soldiers into the Elephants track and stop them, I will revisit it. Something must be wrong. Thank you for notifying. :)

Thanks alot Calalinta for reviewing my game and the kind words. :)

Yes, dragon is little tricky. You have to use the egg ;) 

Nice art and sound effects as well.

It would be great if you could review and rate my game as well. :)

Nice game with good fun. The pixel art, parallax method and gameplay are very good. Especially the swing option is cool. Just need to work on the collision objects, I was not sure which objects are obstacles and which are not. For example, at first I thought the heaps are obstacles but later I realized that I can pass through and I thought the same for tree branch but I hit it and lost life.

Overall it's a nice game with good fun. :)

It would be great if you could review and rate my game as well. :)

Good job on the art work and music. However, need to work on the gameplay. Few things were confusing (it could be only with me) such as the initial swamp/water, as it's a frog I thought I can dive in. There is a swan that follows me and I'm loosing life for that, which again not in my control. Also, I didn't see anywhere the objective/goal of playing this game. What can I expect at the end of this level.

Overall it's a very good attempt. Developing a game with this kind of cool graphics within 72 hours is very challenging. 

It would be great if you could a take movement to review my game. :)

Okay, I will need to check this part. Thanks for informing. :)

Thanks alot, Jhunter. Your kind words made me to forget the hardwork I did for this game. :)

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Thank you for playing my game. :)

To move the Hero forward, just give a moment like 1 or 2 secs. There is a story text as well, I programed that the text to appear first and move the Hero to the next path. Also, check if you must have used all the objects (check the token values in the items list) before you reach the Queen, if so it's game over.