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"Team" Accounts/Managing Multiple Accounts

A topic by Virtually Competent created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 1,539 Replies: 2
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So, I currently maintain two accounts: This one (my team account) and a personal account. For the most part, it's not a huge inconvenience (although it is an inconvenience) to log out of one and login to the other when needed, but it would be nice to have some way to manage multiple accounts a bit better. I think I've purchased the majority of my games on the site under my team account since I'm logged into it 90% of the time.

The start of this forum brings this concern to the forefront: It would be nice to post as my personal account to avoid speaking for the entirety of my team, but it would also be nice to have my team name linked clearly next to my personal username (as nearly all of my work worth looking at is hosted under that account).

Thoughts? I searched some keywords in the issues tracker to see if someone had requested anything similar and this popped up, though I still thought it might be worth discussing here to see what others think.

EDIT: Until there's a better solution, my teammates and I have agreed to simply append a signature on our posts to keep track of who posted what. On that note, signatures would be a welcome addition (though having multiple per account might be odd).

Eric Neuhaus (@donkeyspaceman)


I'm all for this too, while I make games on my own I'm still part of a team I'm trying to bring into itch. if there's like a "team account", I would be able to convince the other two to come over.

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Any update on this? Especially since refinery is now a thing, having allowing all developers to upload would be nice