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An amazing game, I played it before it was on itch and I’ll keep playing it again and again and experiencing it as I show it to friends.

It’s simple in its gameplay, and I think in the end the message ends up impossible to decipher, but that is fine as that is not the main point. The thing I love the most about the game is its feel and tone.

I think every location in this game is utterly distinct and has wormed its way into my subconscious, even when I forget about them after extended periods of time.

I think about especially the white world and the hand drawn world all the time, in the back of my head, when I see something that looks even slightly similar to it.

There’s an unconscious, liminal quality to this game that I just can’t shake off. On the whole, it’s not scary, but it manages to haunt me and unnerve me generally when I think about it.

It touches on so many things that tickle the back of my brain - vaporwave-pre-vaporwave, PC-98 games, Build engine, early 3D renders, forgotten educational video intros, etc.

Absolutely fascinating, energizing experience. Full recommend.

FoR real? wOw, i Guess other Folks have ReAlly Completed That one. I thOught i was the oNly one. Strange that there's 2 of us!

Oh, I'd really rather give ppl money for their creations so I think I'll wait anyways. Thanks for the comment though :)

Wow, this looks really cool! Looking forward to playing it when I can afford it.

BTW just wanted to stop by and say this was a fun, goofy little game that made me laugh a lot and I'm looking forward to whatever you make next <3

I'm so proud of you, Max! I can't wait to play this game. Will be picking up on both Switch and itch :)

Really good news! Hope you have fun <3

100% my favorite game narrative of all time, I'm so happy it's on now. Stunning, stunning story I still think of every day. Thank you for bringing such an excellent thing to such an excellent platform!

When the first time you click on the tv to watch what's starting happens, the movie hangs about 2 seconds in.

Game looks really good! Looking forward to picking it up later on.

Been looking for this feature! It is kinda a hassle and I don't like sharing acct info. I'd love to create a page for my group, takeflight collective.

I've noticed a lot of featuring of Sokpop games on the blog, as well as seeing other independent creators such as Zachtronics moving towards smaller scale, more periodic and regular games. It would be really cool to see be one of the first companies to start allowing creators to charge a periodic subscription, a la patreon, but for full access to all future content instead of funding free content or development of early access creations.

I was indeed on it.

I think it was deleted, unfortunately. Shame, since I talk most on Discord.