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An amazing game, I played it before it was on itch and I’ll keep playing it again and again and experiencing it as I show it to friends.

It’s simple in its gameplay, and I think in the end the message ends up impossible to decipher, but that is fine as that is not the main point. The thing I love the most about the game is its feel and tone.

I think every location in this game is utterly distinct and has wormed its way into my subconscious, even when I forget about them after extended periods of time.

I think about especially the white world and the hand drawn world all the time, in the back of my head, when I see something that looks even slightly similar to it.

There’s an unconscious, liminal quality to this game that I just can’t shake off. On the whole, it’s not scary, but it manages to haunt me and unnerve me generally when I think about it.

It touches on so many things that tickle the back of my brain - vaporwave-pre-vaporwave, PC-98 games, Build engine, early 3D renders, forgotten educational video intros, etc.

Absolutely fascinating, energizing experience. Full recommend.