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BUGS! Sticky

A topic by Falling Squirrel created Aug 26, 2020 Views: 565 Replies: 17
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If you find anything, please let us know!

hello falling squirrel. the magic demo only works with a controller. I've tryed doing it using the keyboard and the keys described don't work. hope this can be fixed.

Hello. in this latest version of the demo, thank you for fixing the magic with keyboard issue, and the blank menu option. also love the character menu. however, I have a few bugs to report. first, when you click on the travel map, when prompted to travel, it just ends the demo, also when you click it anywhere else, it also brings up the end demo message. with no way to go back to the main menu other than pausing and selecting said option. I think it should say that the travel map is not available, if you select it from something that is not the game demo. also, when you die, according to other people who have played this version, the game just freezes, and the only way to bring it back is to exit back to the menu from the pause screen. really hope these bugs can be fixed.

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There are some bugs that I've noticed while playing with v.

Game options>game controls>review keyboard layout: Flaming weapon and fire shield spells give the controller layout command when starting the game for the first time. Interestingly, I checked it again after playing for a few hours and it gives the keyboard commands now.

When hunting animals for Dennis, there's an errant dialogue from the shepherd: He says something along the lines of "he's charging" then immediately says "I think that's enough for now".

Miscreant in the woods: After defeating the nether-wolves, the audio continues on as if we're still in a battle scene. Utterances from the stranger ("get back") and the shepherd ("yes, Alex") are heard.

Edit: This is only the case when I was using the short sword (my prefered weapon because of quick recovery and speed). After buying tier five word things are working fine now.

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{ Miscreant in the woods: After defeating the nether-wolves, the audio continues on as if we're still in a battle scene. Utterances from the stranger ("get back") and the shepherd ("yes, Alex") are heard.}

- I still have that problem whatever I do I can't pass that quest and stuck, changing weapons didn't solve the problem for me.


- I pass it ... put the game to hard difficulty and use the shield only 'till I flame the sword and then kill the wolfes !

Hi. I also am having the problem previously mentioned with the quest to help the stranger from Greely. Sorry, I'm not sure how to spell that, but can you reproduce the problem? I have a tear 5 battle axe and the same level light armor, as well as a tear 3 bow and tear 4 shield. Can you please try and fix this? I can't continue with the game until this is sorted.

Remember that you can exit a quest by going into the player menu (Tab with the keyboard). Then you could try with a different weapon from the smith.

One more thing, the axe is from the smith in that village.


thanks for these... I've just patched the game with the stranger quest fix and the "it's charging"fix.  BTW the game swaps between keyboard and controller instruction base on the input you use in the engagement screen ("press start button or spacebar to begin").  After that you would have to change this in the options menu.  

Thank you so much for the quick fixes, especially so rapidly just after launch and during the weekend to boot! Re keyboard, I did set the instructions to keyboard, and when going through the keyboard commands, everything was correct except for the flaming sword and fire shield spells which is why it stood out. I'm not sure if one can temporarily reset data to test, but it could be just a one-off glitch.

I'm curious if there will eventually be a way to skip passed the tutorials or cut scenes when replaying the game to try other decision choices. I know it doesn't effect the final outcome or anything, nor does it have any lasting consequences, but I really wanted to know how things would have potentially changed if I chose differently and find myself a little frustrated with wading through the tutorials/cut scenes for a second (or more) time. Now I understand this would be a far bigger ask than addressing bug reports, so realistically I don't expect anything to be done.

The sound design and attention to detail for game mechanics really is rather neat, and for the price of the game, we really are getting more than our money's worth. Thanks for the setup throughout the hole game which colors things when you replay the game and know the ending (ironic phrasing and other hints). It makes the experience a really fun and enjoyable one.


Yeah, the option menu control descriptions were really messed up... will be fixed in next patch.  Again, thanks so much for the help.  BTW, skipping dialogue and chapter jumping, not surprisingly, are popular feature requests... Depending on the success of the this game it may be something we'll add in the future... fingers crossed!

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Hi. This is mainly related, but are you aware that the status of this game is still In development, rather than released? I don't know if you guys have deliberately done that, but thought I'd let you know. It's a minor thing, I just found it strange, that's all.


Of all the things I needed to do on launch day... I completely missed the most obvious.  We are just now officially released. Thanks for the heads up!

Greetings. For some reason, magic is a little hit and miss for me. There are times when I'm unable to build favour and consequently I'm unable to use the fire shield or the flaming weapon spells. I've noticed it when fighting in the tournament, fighting the general and fighting regular enemies. Should magic not be accessible during every fight once you've aquired the skills/spells? I don't know why sometimes it allows me to use magic then sometimes, even during the same battles it doesn't allow me to use magic. This happens throughout the entire game after you aquire the abilities. Kind regards, Amin Abdullah.

Hello, I recently bought The Vale, wishing to play it.

When I started the programe, I pressed space to begin, as I was told to do, I also tried to press enter, but nothing happened. I asked a sighted person to tell me what was happening opn the screen, and all she could see, was the title of the game, and the picture of a warrier.

Is there any thing wrong I did?

Kind regards, beautifull job, any way according to all the videoes I've heard. I know I'll have fun once I get through this issue

Hi. Perhaps you have a vale save already due to playing demos? try going to c:\users\your user name\saved games. if there's a vale folder in there, delete it and the game should work properly.

For better compatibility, use this path which you can just copy/paste:
%UserProfile%\Saved Games

ah. Yeah that works too.