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ah. Yeah that works too.

Hi. Perhaps you have a vale save already due to playing demos? try going to c:\users\your user name\saved games. if there's a vale folder in there, delete it and the game should work properly.

um, what in the name of...

hello there.

Yes, you can buy it from this site. just pay, then download. it says it comes with a steam key, but you do not need it to play. just download the zip file and bang!

Hello. in this latest version of the demo, thank you for fixing the magic with keyboard issue, and the blank menu option. also love the character menu. however, I have a few bugs to report. first, when you click on the travel map, when prompted to travel, it just ends the demo, also when you click it anywhere else, it also brings up the end demo message. with no way to go back to the main menu other than pausing and selecting said option. I think it should say that the travel map is not available, if you select it from something that is not the game demo. also, when you die, according to other people who have played this version, the game just freezes, and the only way to bring it back is to exit back to the menu from the pause screen. really hope these bugs can be fixed.

I'd guess probably english only, but you never know. voice acting costs also matter here as well.

hello. first, let me say that I am blind. have been since birth. second, let me say that I've been keeping up with this game and all it's demos and I think you guys are doing an amazing job! the combat is basic but fun, the voice acting and sound design is amazing, and the game itself is just something I play offten! can't wait for the release! I do love the concept of using a bow and being able to do somethings on my own like use a heavy attack or magic in combat whenever I want to. to finally close out this post, I'd once again love to congratuate you guys for making this truly amazing game! haven't played something like this in audio since a blind legend. and I can say that this, is a solid 200 percent better than that one!

hello falling squirrel. the magic demo only works with a controller. I've tryed doing it using the keyboard and the keys described don't work. hope this can be fixed.