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Greetings. For some reason, magic is a little hit and miss for me. There are times when I'm unable to build favour and consequently I'm unable to use the fire shield or the flaming weapon spells. I've noticed it when fighting in the tournament, fighting the general and fighting regular enemies. Should magic not be accessible during every fight once you've aquired the skills/spells? I don't know why sometimes it allows me to use magic then sometimes, even during the same battles it doesn't allow me to use magic. This happens throughout the entire game after you aquire the abilities. Kind regards, Amin Abdullah.

Hello, I recently bought The Vale, wishing to play it.

When I started the programe, I pressed space to begin, as I was told to do, I also tried to press enter, but nothing happened. I asked a sighted person to tell me what was happening opn the screen, and all she could see, was the title of the game, and the picture of a warrier.

Is there any thing wrong I did?

Kind regards, beautifull job, any way according to all the videoes I've heard. I know I'll have fun once I get through this issue