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Greetings. For some reason, magic is a little hit and miss for me. There are times when I'm unable to build favour and consequently I'm unable to use the fire shield or the flaming weapon spells. I've noticed it when fighting in the tournament, fighting the general and fighting regular enemies. Should magic not be accessible during every fight once you've aquired the skills/spells? I don't know why sometimes it allows me to use magic then sometimes, even during the same battles it doesn't allow me to use magic. This happens throughout the entire game after you aquire the abilities. Kind regards, Amin Abdullah.

Greetings. I've completed the game twice now and I'm loving it. Firstly I'll tell you what I'd love added. First and foremost, a remort system would be nice whereby you're able to keep everything like your armour, weapon and bow as well as your copper and magical abilities. That would give the game a great deal of replay value because then you'd be able to level up and become very powerful if you percist in building your character. So what would happen if you revisit the blacksmiths that are selling lower quality weapons? They would become upgrades instead. Secondly, I'd love it if you can choose to withdraw or sheathe your sword/axe/hammer as well as your bow. That way it isn't automatic and you can choose to walk around or take up the fighting stance. The way in which I would do this is I'd either use the number row keys or control and shift. Now I'll tell you what I love about the veil. The voice acting is most excellent and so is the combat, the environmental sounds and the music. By the way, I'd love to buy the music tracks as well as the sounds. Please let me know if there is any way to purchase them. I also love the 'barbarian will do' song and how the men singing as well as the singer, the one playing the castanets and the guitarist are all spacially separated. I like how the organ/keyboard and bass are played at the same location as the guitar. Finally and my apologies if I'm wrong in my usage of words, the flame part of this short review. I think Theo is quite foolish and does not deserve to rule; nothing against the actor but the character is a very foolish individual. As for Abdul Rashid, he is only foolish near the end of the game if you choose to aid the husband and wife to gain back their last grain store in Amshare. My apologies if I've spelt that wrong. The wife is foolish and she should never have threatened Alex and Abdul with her bow. As for the washerwoman in the first town, she is incredibly foolish and like the previous comments, nothing against the actors and actresses, just the characters they play. Children should be able to make their own choices as long as such choices do not harm them and or those around them. Her son should have been able to automatically be able to go to his sister rather than the washerwoman wanting him to go to his uncle who he did not know and who he did not want to go to in the first place. I know that people don't like flames and my apologies if what I said here offended you; I assure you that was never my intent. In conclusion, although there is more I'd love to see in the game like being able to keep your stuff but start a new game, the veil is most excellent and keep up the good work. Kind regards, Amin Abdullah.