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Of all the things I needed to do on launch day... I completely missed the most obvious.  We are just now officially released. Thanks for the heads up!

Yeah, the option menu control descriptions were really messed up... will be fixed in next patch.  Again, thanks so much for the help.  BTW, skipping dialogue and chapter jumping, not surprisingly, are popular feature requests... Depending on the success of the this game it may be something we'll add in the future... fingers crossed!

thanks for these... I've just patched the game with the stranger quest fix and the "it's charging"fix.  BTW the game swaps between keyboard and controller instruction base on the input you use in the engagement screen ("press start button or spacebar to begin").  After that you would have to change this in the options menu.  

Glad you like it so for, and thanks for the feedback.  We intend to improve the experience and create more games with audio focus so your thoughts are super appreciated. 

August 19!  I was so excited to get the launch trailer up, I forgot to announce the launch date.

We would love to localize in more languages.  Voice over is such a huge portion of the game's indie budget that we cannot afford to launch with other languages, but we hope that the success of the game will allow us to bring The Vale to more places and communities.

About screen readers:  The game provides voice over for every aspect of the game internally, so screen readers are not needed or supported.  We do not believe they will conflict with the game either, but please let us know if there are any issues that result from active screen readers.

We finally have a new build of the demo that may resolve some start up issues.  If you have time, give the new build a try and let us know how it goes.  BTW, we are a very small team and do not have a variety systems to test on, so we really appreciate knowing about tech issues from the community.  Please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Our newest build allows you to check your coin count in a "character" menu and provides stat info on your weapons (Currently this is using temp "robot" voice which will be replaced).  As for languages, we would love to localize audio at some point, but it's such a huge part of our indie budget that this would only happen after launch and would depend on the success of the game. 

We'd love to know what you think of the game!  What you like,  what could be better, what you'd like to see added. 

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If you find anything, please let us know!

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I've just uploaded another version to fix a difficulty setting issue.  Try updating and see if it still gives you issues.  You may have to manually delete your old save games from the previous version.