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splahlunking - compete vs your friends to collect treasure

A topic by dt created Jun 14, 2017 Views: 132 Replies: 3
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Hey, I've released the 'finished' version of my game splahlunking. Originally made for divejam with the theme one breath I've spent a couple extra weeks adding a few things and fixing some bugs. 

It's a simple low-res game about collecting as much treasure as you can and making it back to the surface before you run out of air. Your vision is limited and the underwater caverns can be confusing so either remember your route down or risk trying a different route back to snag some extra treasure. 

The cave layout is randomly generated each round along with all the treasures and powerups within. Choose from 6 playable characters with different stats and 3 different tilesets.  Compete vs. up to 3 of your friends or play solo and submit your score to the leaderboards. I think this could be a fun way to kill a few minutes with teammates, like waiting in a queue in DOTA or LoL for example.

This is my first game released post-jam and my first online multiplayer game so feedback (especially for multiplayer) is appreciated! There's some additional info in the github repo for anyone curious.


awesome, I put it up on the homepage :)

wow, thanks Leaf! and thanks for lua-enet and your heroku lua buildpack which I used in this


sweet, I didn't even know the heroku buildpack still worked