This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-05-26 07:00:00 to 2017-05-30 06:59:59. View results

DiveJam is the only water based game jam. It is a yearly jam that focuses on water in games.

You love the ocean and making games?  ...DiveJam

Always wanted to get into water physics for a project? ...DiveJam

Just want to make a game during 4 days and beat yourself to finish it on time? ...DiveJam!


Hosted by DiVeR__ on his Twitch and Discord channels; the idea of the jam is to have developers, new or confirmed to take 4 full days to create a new game, concept or anything they want to focus on for a few days. Great things often come out of jams like this! Do not be shy, no matter what you end up doing, your skills will improve after that!


The final remaining theme is "ONE BREATH"


At the end of voting, DiVeR__ will stream live the final results. The biggest prize everyone gets is to make a game really, but to reward the effort, each category winner will get the following prizes:

  • 1st place: Best game
    • The Turing Test
    • Undertale
    • Prison Architect

Thanks to the community, we have more prizes to give away and will open more categories!

  • Most innovative idea:
    • Punch Club
    • Stronghold Crusader 2
    • Road to Ballhalla
  • Best use of the theme:
    • Cook, Serve, Delicious!
    • No time to explain Remastered
    • Tumblestone
  • Best "programmer" art:

No art skills but still made an awesome game? You were brave enough to not to use assets and drew your own miracle in MS Paint? You deserve a little something; you will be selected among other games live on stream and will be picked to win a key for Pyxel Edit, a pixelart editor that really helps  while honing your skills.

Every remaining participant who submitted is also eligible to be drawn randomly live on stream to win a few game keys that we have left (max 3 per participant).

Live Streaming:

DiVeR__ will stream the development of his jam game at and hopes you will as well! don't forget to use  #divejam while jamming live!


  • Follow the theme, it is  related to the ocean, but you are free to make what you want out of it.
  • Alone or on a team 
  • Premade stuff, asset packs are fine.
  • Any engine, any tools
  • Submit your game here on the itchio jam page by the end date.

  • You will need to create an account with if you don;t have one already. You can also use the #divejam hashtag on Twitch or Twitter. If you post anywhere else, be sure to tag it with "divejam" as well so anyone can find you if you are participating!

    To submit your game, just create and upload your finished game to from your Dashboard, and then it will be visible to choose as your submission for this game jam when you click the Submit button at the top of this page.  Note: The submit button does not appear until the jam begins, but once it starts, you may submit your game at any time!

    You can also post your entry in the discord, always active, try to get instant feedback and ideas!


    • Join the Discord Channel, we talk game development, pixel art, 3d modeling, programming and will be following the jam progression!
    • Come hang out with DiVeR__ on Twitch,  we will jam and will play the submissions on stream the during the week of voting!
    • Follow DiVeR__ on Twitter.

    Terms of Ownership:

    You retain ALL rights to your creations. NO distribution rights to ANYTHING you post on this website are claimed by DiVeR__ or affiliates of DiveJam. You can do whatever you want with your finished game. Expand it, sell it, release it, delete it. It's up to you. That being said, be aware that all of the terms and conditions of stand on their own and must be agreed to upon creating an account and uploading games to their service.

    You retain, all rights, Intellectual property of your game. If you use resources that you did not create yourself , please consider the license attribution for each asset and credit the author accordingly. Make sure you do not use assets that you do not have explicit permission to use,  DiVeR and DiveJam affiliates reserve the right to remove a submission if it violates these terms.

    By submitting your game, you authorize the organizers to request  the right to use your game, in the state of its jam submission for purpose of publicizing the competition.

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    tiny online multiplayer game about cave diving
    For DiveJam 2017
    Play in browser
    Fun Relaxing Exploration Gamejam entry
    BITOCHONDRIA : Game made for DiveJam 2017
    Play in browser
    You only have one breath- hold onto it
    When a suicidal teen finds himself hoping for life on a new island, will he suceed?
    Visual Novel
    my diveJam 2017 offer
    How far can you launch the prisoner before they expire?
    A game about submarines and nukes or something
    An underwater stealth sim made for DiveJam
    DiveJam Game done in Construct 2, Art in MS-Paint.
    A shit game about a cat who needs to die.