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Austy - a unknown world (a FPS puzzel parkour building game)( free )

A topic by olinguito created Jun 10, 2017 Views: 1,782 Replies: 38
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Austy is a game that you must shoot  blocks and enemies.


you moust go thrue levels and kill enemies build thrue and over stuff 

and jump and shoot blocks to destroy blocks.

hard levels where you have to parkour to open a gate 

and build up to the top

mazes and much more

A level have 2 smaller levels

WARNING! IMPORTANT!  these pictures are from the game in PRE - ALPHA and the grapics are not the best right now! so the look of the game will change over time!


Hello, thanks for making a post. There's not much information here, consider adding more details about the game, and any images or mocks if you have them.

some work with the gun

And enimies

Work on a new level

a new level

some work on 2 new levels.

New Goals for the game:

make over 50 levels

better grapics 

shop for other guns of skins for stuff

work on new level

to new levels and now its 8 levels 42 more to go :)

plz give feedback for what to do.

bug fixes

This sounds really cool, I agree with Leafo, please post some screenshots or gameplay, I'd be really interested to see it.

i am goona upload some screen shoots. i have some trubble with screenshoots....

still like the game??

It's looking really good, I can't wait to try a demo when it's ready!

have You downloaded the demo??

and the development gose on i have fixed some issues with the enemies and 1 new level

level 9 and finish level 8 and fixed some lightning issues.

btw this game is think outside the box like really on level 5(remember this sentence)

(give feedback and ideas for the game)

41 levels to go!!!

new level 10! special level! with some extra stuff!

comment ideas and feedback

bug fixes

grapics update!

new skybox 

new enemy look

HDR support!

bug fixes

New pictures:

so now i have hade level 10 bug fixes and made so you can play all levels.

plz give feedback

hope you still like this game

small grapics update

level 11! and some changes and plz give feedback!

big work on level 12 and AI 

i have some work on new mechanics 

work when level switch

plz ideas and feedback

level 13 and AI now have small guns to them new mechanics and some AI fixes

bug fixes

give ideas and feedback on the game

xbox controller support!

bug fixes and new level.

 level 14

bug fixed and something thinkingen around the game

better grapics or no?

new menue

and now the game have "worlds" so in the first they may be 20 - 30 level and latter i releas world 2 (for free in a update)

and a level selection menue 

gameplay work!

level 15 

options/settings for grapics



(only reselutions right now)




are the diffrent qualitys right now

grapics update

New picture:

GAMEPLAY!!! (its not the best video)

getting ready for open beta the game will cost 

but it is the full game so far so you get the all the features (so far)


is the prise so far


more info if you click the button to the download page

new update comming soon for the open beta!

getting ready for the open beta that will cost

it will give you:

acsses to all levels 

more updates

and mm

bug fixed and loading screen 

Mac OS x support

And linux os support in The "+" version

and the game is released for 0.50$


sale 50% off

(1 edit)

sale for 2 days!

100% sale!!

austy is now free

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