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Elder Chaos

A topic by Emprom created 19 days ago Views: 91 Replies: 3
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Hello everyone. We are Emprom Game, It’s very glad to share devlog with you. Sorry we don’t have the game demo right now. We still need several days to finish it. However, we will introduce our game in the following days, and hope you can know our game better before playing it.


Our game, Elder Chaos, is based on the Cthulhu Mythos. What’s interesting is that you guys will no longer be investigators but the eldritch Old Ones in our game. You must awake Old ones (yourselves) by summoning monsters and build facilities to interrupt or eliminate investigators. 

You win once you successfully awaking old ones through fulfilling the summoning circle.  While, you lose in either of these two circumstances:  1) all of your summoned facilities are destroyed by investigators. 2) investigators successfully gather all pieces of a scared artifact. 



Being defeated by Elder Ones in an ancient war, Old Ones were surpassed and sealed into states of deep sleep. However, sign of disorder arises from the very deep darkness as power of seals decayed during a million years. Formidable evils start to slide through the crack of dreams where Old Ones can influence the world by their wills. You, as one of the eldritch Old Ones, must wake up and break the seal. Release your power and reign over the world. Because you are meant to be the chaos, the source of doom. Eventually, the real dominator will return.

Nevertheless, there are sober-minded people who can feel variations that are gradually twisting this world. They are investigators who spare no efforts to collect clues and gather all of the sacred artifact fragments that could summon Elder Ones to expel you. They firmly believe that their efforts will bring the world back to peace.

In order to accelerate the progress of waking up, you have to recapture power from faith of your believers and stop investigators from getting the force of Elder Ones are essential. Sometimes it’s avoidable to decrease their insanity and take their soul!   

After all, those people who go against you will finally be buried in chaos, while people who dwell among your arms shall dive into wonder and glory.

Devlog day 1

We've just finish UI! It’s extremely exciting because it won’t take too long for release!  Please leave your suggestions and comments~ We need your help to make our game better~ In addition, we will introduce more details in the following days~ Hope you like it!


Emprom Game


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Devlog day 2 

Hi guys! We are still working on the demo. Hope we could release the demo this month~ Last time we shared the background of title screen. We’d like to share some cool monsters that we have finished this time.



Insect from Shaggai




They all come from the Cthulhu Mythos. It’s pretty exciting to control them in the game, especially they have different skills! We will take about more next time. We think you guys should know how the game stars and what you will encounter during the game first.


Game starts with different background, map, resource, and generate rate of resource etc. in different scripts. Investigators will not show up at the very beginning of games.

 During the game, players will encounter following events:

  • Investigators: New investigator randomly appears at regular intervals until reach the maximum of investigators. Interval is influenced by threat degree. 
  • Resource: players gain resources from buffs, facilities and monsters’ activities.
  • Random events: these events will be triggered randomly according to different scripts and current game progress. They have following effects:
  •  Influence summoning progress, threat degree, faith and soul salves.
  • Attributes of investigators and monsters
  • Investigators gain or lose clues
  • Upgrade of facilities
  • Accidental death of investigators
  • Attributes of areas
  • Etc.


Suggestions and comments are always welcome~ Feel free to contact us via bob@emprom.net


Emprom Game

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Devlong #3 

Hello guys~ see you again! Last time we shared some cool monsters, do you like it? So, this time we bring your enemies —— invesitgators that our artist just finished yesterday~ They represents three different types of investigators that you will encounter during the game.   




It's time to introduce the game rules~ 

What players could do

  •  Pause / continue: stop time to check some information. Players could give orders during this time. Orders take effect after continuing the game.
  •  Build facilities: spend resources to build a facility whose adaptation in this area should not be 0. Players could only build one facility in each area.
  •  Upgrade facilities: spend resources to upgrade a facility unless it reaches its level cap. Durability recovers after upgrading.
  • Summon monsters: spend resources to summon a monster through certain facilities.
  • Give orders: monsters with various abilities have different tasks to finish. Players can give them the following orders:

            +  Move monsters to different areas. They will automatically find the shortest path. They also may not reach some areas because of terrains.

            +  Attack: players can order monster to attack investigators in the same area.

            + Recycle: recycle monsters to return part of cost resources.

  • Wrath: skills that players can use as Old Ones

Details of monsters and investigators will be ready next time. Please leave your comments and suggestions~ You could also contact us via bob@emprom.net 

See you next time~



Emprom Game

Devlog #4

Hi guys! We are back~ here is a great news! Our demo will be released next week! You can play as two Old Ones in demo. they are Cthulhu and Nug & Yeb.


Nug & Yeb

Another good news is that we will finish the rule introduction this time. So, this time we will introduce information about investigators and combats.

What investigators can do: (Investigators are AI controlled)

  • Attack facilities: it will decrease durability of facilities. Investigators with higher INT inflict higher damages.
  • Investigate a target area. Investigators may:

       + Use clues to increase abilities.

       + Reveal a facilitate to all the investigators

       + Reveal a monster to all the investigators

       + Trigger random events that could influence attributes of investigators, facilitates or monsters.

  •  Move to other areas.
  • Rest: to replenish CON and SAN.   

About investigators

  • Investigators will be born in a random area. Sometimes the area will be determined by scripts.
  • Gain their name and occupation randomly.
  • Their attributes are assigned based on their occupations.


Battles are turn based and resolved immediately after being triggered. Details will be reported in a popup window. Also, reports can be checked again through log area.

Finally, we finished our long introduction about game rule~ Hope it’s helpful.

Please leave your comments and suggestions about our game. You can also contact us via bob@emprom.net.  See you next time~


Emprom Game