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I think you can make some cool with this, IF you continue! Here’s my experience!

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Congrats on getting the Funding for this! I can’t WAIT to see the things you do going forward!

This seems quite promising, but I had some technical issues while playing. You can find my review of it here!

I played this and had a fairly positive experience! You can see an edited review of it!

Aaaayyyy. Nice work!

I only wish it was longer. So much meat on the bone with this!

My pleasure. I’ll def keep watching the progress on this.

From what I experienced, this project has some great bones and looks. I hope that you can use my review to help make it better. KEEP GOING!

Here’s my review of this. Great systems in it!

I played this on stream and I enjoyed the experience. You went the extra mile on the presentation, theme and feel of the game. I found a couple errors which you’ll see in the video, that could mess up the experience, but they’re minor.

You’ll find it here!

Is there a Windows Version?

That’s fine! I hope this helps and I’m rooting for this game to succeed!

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I played your game with what you have currently. The idea you have is GREAT, but I noticed some issues.

You can see my Review on my Channel:

Gladly! Hope you make it work.

Played this today and it’s definitely a pretty package, but there are a couple hiccups!

Here’s the full Review:

My pleasure!

This has an interesting concept with your project. Great Art, Music and Menus. Even the puzzling is pretty good. It’s a bit slow in some parts and there are grammatical errors here and there, but I liked it overall. If you’re serious about this game please give this a listen.

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I had the pleasure of play this Today and I really liked what I saw. Once I saw the LISA inspired battle system, I saw confident of a good time, plus the first-project energy of the story, artwork and characters. Would recommend!


Gotta chance to play your game. it’s ddef a unique experience and I’m intrigued to see what you’ve got in mind for other chapter’s. Good luck withthis and I’ll def be watching your progress!

You can check out my playthru here:

I played a similar game to this and thought you were the dev.

Crazy how things work out!

This game revealed a LOT of HOES in this RPG Maker Community. Just to play victim to justify the unjustifiable.

Was an ok Play. You tried your best given the circumstances.

Def a great game well put together, awesome experience. The Bone Knights were the best part of the Let’s Play! Harlekin LOVED when I played this. All in all, a great example of German Engineering!

Yo this is a Troll game and a Half! Kudos to the Crazy MoFo that thought this up!

My pleasure!

We’ll be discussing your game This Wednesday @ 2pm EST. Stop by if you’d like!

Awesome Game! Doesn’t look hard, but the challenge IS THERE! Def a Suggested pick from me!

Check out my runs on this!

It took me COMPLETELY by surprise how good this was! Can’t wait to stream more of it and get all the things!

You did it AGAIN, you Glorious Bastard! Great Game!!


Not for me.

It’s a great game, but I think I’ll wait for an update to continue. There’s a problem where I didn’t get any hearts from the Battle with Vionne!

Glad I could help!