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Not for me.

It’s a great game, but I think I’ll wait for an update to continue. There’s a problem where I didn’t get any hearts from the Battle with Vionne!

Glad I could help!

Would it break the game balance to have the Undead get life back for the damage they do? Say as a passive ability or use soul energy to heal. In D&D Undead heal from Negative energy; maybe something like that?

Then can I ask Why have the healing items in an UNDEAD army? Why not have items that can actual heal them? Something like a restorative moss or healing from souls, anything?

I wanted to let you know there were some errors I found in the game. One MAJOR issue was with the items. Non of my units could use the items to replenish HP/MP on themselves or others. And the one guy from the Second fight Didn’t die from the canon fire. I hit him 4 TIMES and he didn’t die. I had to kill him with a unit to end the battle. Here’s what happened:

Any news on an update? I wanted to finish playing it on my channel.

I like the looks of this game and it shows A LOT of promise! THere are some errors, but they are easily overcome. Kudos to the Team that helped develop this.

Enter this in the "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT" Game Jam!!

great job

Thanks for playing and giving you thoughts! I really appreciate it!

interesting. What's the goal for this?

Thank you so much! I am working to address this. do you have a screenshot  or an error msg? that would help me alot.

New Battle Intros for the Improved EPISODE 1 Release!



Songs of Syx community · Created a new topic Controls?
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Is there a chance we could get a either a tutorial on the controls or maybe a convenient popup with them available? that's a lot for a person to try and remember the first time. Or maybe like have the action with the key next to it?  (ie Dig[B])

Please reach out for your prize!

Firstly, I want to thank all those who tried, those who submitted and those who won. You've made my first Game Jam a bigger success than I ever expected!

Secondly,I will be reaching out to the winners to receive their prizes. If you were in the top for, PLEASE REACH ME EITHER THRU DISCORD OR TWITTER WITH CONFIRM OF YOUR ITCH ID!

I'll have another jam before year's end, so be sure to follow me on here, twitter or discord! Thanks again!

I really enjoy the look and feel of this game. It's so simple looking, but has a great amount of depth to it, especially for an RM2K3 game! Def a great purchase!

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You might want to put a limit on how many times a person can select an option for each person. Good way to cheez your game otherwise. EDIT: Also, I noticed that when you make a lot of choices, the window blocks the name of the person and they can't be selected. Is that deliberate?

I see that it's fixed. But the game doesn't have much in terms of audiovisual stimulus. There's no sound or images to keep the player interested. Or even if they've done something at all.

I also found that if you choice any activity with any of the characters, if you try to do anything else, the game freezes and you can't do anything. Thanks for replying.

I got an error where I try to discuss with Miguel. I clicked on an option but nothing happened and I can't get out of the options menu.

Can't wait to see what you can do!

Thanks! I'll be making upgrades soon!

You can download the Latest BETA, which is 1!

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Please refer to this sticky post for team building. Best of luck!

Yes. I used the 'lzh file you gave me and it works great. Aside from some translation errors, I like it so far

I'm hoping you make something great!



I tried launching it with the Itch app and got the second error.

Then i tried to extract the zip into a folder and got the first error. i can't explain it anymore than that.

Myrkvidr community · Created a new topic Game won't load

For some reason I'm getting errors that won't let the game open. Either on the Itch app or with the zip file.

No Luck on Zip!

No Luck on Zip!


I'd like to play this if possible. Lil help?

I'm Al from PA in the mountains and I've been in game dev since in the 90s, in one way or another.

I'm posting this for folks to introduce themselves and what experience (if any) they have with game dev.

And I m glad to have you back! Can't Wait!