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How to embed a HTML/Flash game elsewhere

A topic by excowboy created Aug 05, 2020 Views: 466 Replies: 2
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Hi, I am working on an elearning project and I'm interested in the possibility of embedding an game into our work - the idea is to have users play a game whilst also providing distractions (additional audio etc) to demonstrate the challenges of multi-tasking whilst operating a vehicle. Any creators work would only be used with their full consent and agreed remuneration.

I see that itch offers game embeds ( but can't see how to test this with an active game. Is this because the author has to enable and/or provide the embed code?

If so, is my best bet to identify a few likely games and then contact the creators? I was just hoping to test the functionality first if possible. If there is a way to test this first, or a ga

Thanks for any help.


Well, yes, this feature is meant for the use of creators, since it's their call whether to embed a game and where. Otherwise anyone could hotlink games from here, slap some ads on them and make lots of money at the expense of Itch and all of us. In fact people have been trying as it is, and steps had to be taken to stop them.

For testing purposes, why not upload a game of your own and see how it works?

OK, of course, that makes sense! Unfortunately I don't have anything of my own to upload, and wouldn't know where to start to be honest. I've seen a few games that could work for our project, so I will get in touch with creators and see if anyone is interested. Thanks for your reply.