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Hi, this was really fun! I'm working on a research project for learner drivers where we would like to include a mini-game that lets users experience how distracting multi-tasking can be. This could be a great fit - is there anyway to contact your team directly to discuss via email or similar? Thanks :)

OK, of course, that makes sense! Unfortunately I don't have anything of my own to upload, and wouldn't know where to start to be honest. I've seen a few games that could work for our project, so I will get in touch with creators and see if anyone is interested. Thanks for your reply.

Hi, I am working on an elearning project and I'm interested in the possibility of embedding an game into our work - the idea is to have users play a game whilst also providing distractions (additional audio etc) to demonstrate the challenges of multi-tasking whilst operating a vehicle. Any creators work would only be used with their full consent and agreed remuneration.

I see that itch offers game embeds ( but can't see how to test this with an active game. Is this because the author has to enable and/or provide the embed code?

If so, is my best bet to identify a few likely games and then contact the creators? I was just hoping to test the functionality first if possible. If there is a way to test this first, or a ga

Thanks for any help.