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Use of music

A topic by BottledMajesticness created May 29, 2017 Views: 366 Replies: 6
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Are there any requirements for the music in the gamejam?


They have to be chiptunes/8bits ;)

So can I use music that was produced before the gamejam?


Yes no problem ;)

Deleted post

I see some youtube videos with Adlib sounds and yes can be used ;)

Hello there, is that allowed synth ?  :

If you are wanting to make some quick (and pretty good) looping chiptunes on the fly, one of the best sites I've found for this is:
It's quick and easy to use, it's almost impossible to make a bad song, it is set to automatically loop, you can export to .wav .midi or even .json, it's FREE and of course the music is 100% yours! So you don't have to worry about giving credit. ;)
Anyway, I hope this helps, it really works great for what it's worth.