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Feature Requests

A topic by WaveBots created Jul 24, 2020 Views: 369 Replies: 12
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Post your feature requests here!

I'm loving the program so far! Are there any plans to add different modes to the Scale Type? It would be cool to be able to generate songs in e.g. Lydian mode or something other than Major and Minor, but I haven't been able to find a way to set that up.


It is possible to set up scale modes indirectly  right now by creating progressions such as this Lydian one: ma_IV V I IV

The voice leading can also be set up so that the different cadences sound right, in this case maybe the melody can move from median to subdominant over the I IV progression.

The problem with this approach is that the scale base note doesn't match the real one since it is always tracking the I chord root. Another problem is pedal figuration lines that are often set up to follow the dominant or tonic. Both of those problems should be possible to solve by just a single option for progressions to treat the IV root as tonic (in the Lydian example). I will certainly consider this as a future feature.

It would be really interesting to try to generate such progressions in templates as well. My knowledge of how to use the different modes (in terms of cadences, voice leading etc.) are currently very limited though.

Thanks for the feature request, I am glad that you enjoy the program!


In the next release, there will be some built-in support for modes by using prefix before the chords.

For example, 'ly' prefix means Lydian mode, 'do' means Dorian, 'ph' Phrygian, 'mx' Mixolydian, 'ae' Aeolian (not really necessary since the minor scale supports this already), 'lo' Locrian.

The current limitation is that all the chords will always be diatonic, so alteration support within those modes will be added later.


Scale modes are now available in the latest version (0.0.23). Coming to templates as well later.

Hey @WaveBots,

Loving the application so far. The lack of documentation is tough, but I'm sorting through the templates to see how things are configured.

One thought I had was around the creation of new instruments. Would it be possible to allow for the importing of SoundFont or SFZ files? Being able to create an instrument in WaveBots from a SoundFont or SFZ file would open up a lot, as there are many existing files out there.

Just a thought & curious to hear. Thanks.


Hello! Thanks for the feedback and question.

Glad to hear that you enjoy the application!

I hope to add support for soundfonts in a future update, but it is a rather large addition. A possible alternative would be to add support for external Midi synthesizers or even plugins that can be configured to use a certain soundfont. I have done that before with VST and it is a lot easier than adding support for reading and playback of soundfonts.


I still enjoy using the application, it's great! 

The one thing I actually want, as someone who knows next to nothing about the technical aspects of music, is more genres to choose from and generate, in the bundles and templates tabs. Specifically, songs.  I know you can modify the output and the parameters, and that's great, but having more options to start from and tweak until you get something you like would be amazing!

Great app!  I wish you the best of luck, my friend.


Thanks for the feature request Hadi!

I am glad that you find application useful 馃檪

More templates is one of my top priorities in this project, but also something I find very difficult to pull off given the skills I have.  

I have a template that I am working on that is supposed to generate some simple techno tunes, but it is difficult to get any decent quality out of it yet 馃槈

I hope everything is great with you, let's join another game jam again soon!


Ha, it's been a while, hasn't it? We totally should! I just did LD a few weeks back. I considered asking you if you were available but ended up doing it solo. Not the best result, I overscoped, but as always I improved in some areas!

And yes, I understand it can be difficult. No rush ;) I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great!


I would love to get a Linux version, this looks really really cool but unfortunately I (and any other Linux users who don鈥檛 have Crossover or WINE or anything of the sort) can鈥檛 use it

(1 edit)

I have wine, but with how awful the performance is with running something through wine, it doesn't work. It might work better through Proton, but that's untested. I too would love to see a Linux version (preferably not just a deb or rpm package because that alienates so many other distros. AppImage or Native tar.gz archive would be much preferable)

Edit: Doesn't start under latest Proton. And Proton-GE is not much better as ALL of the UI elements will be black except for the one the cursor is currently hovering over, making the application unusable.

Hey there, I really love this tool. It's really fun to make some cool songs with it. There already is a function to create new custom template song. Would you please make a tutorial on how to set this up? So we can create new styles?