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Hey there Kay,

Love the art style and assets. Great work! Especially on a CC0 license.

One piece of feedback is that with every model being a single mesh, it makes it a bit difficult to use. For example, I'd love to animate the spikes in the spike tile, but it's all a single mesh, making it impossible. I plan to go into Blender and split it up as best I can, but I figured I'd drop a note about it as I think having split models would be super helpful in the future. I think this applies in general, even to things like the character's large eyebrows and chest ribbon. I'd love to be able to animate and customize some of these things, but it's difficult in a single mesh.

I also plan to go and and rig & skin the character models, and as amazing as it would be to have characters rigged ahead of time, I understand it being a fairly big chunk of work.

Again, awesome work, and thanks for contributing these assets to CC0!

Hey @WaveBots,

Loving the application so far. The lack of documentation is tough, but I'm sorting through the templates to see how things are configured.

One thought I had was around the creation of new instruments. Would it be possible to allow for the importing of SoundFont or SFZ files? Being able to create an instrument in WaveBots from a SoundFont or SFZ file would open up a lot, as there are many existing files out there.

Just a thought & curious to hear. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick reply. That's great to hear. That's the intention that I believed to be behind the EULA, and it makes sense. With the way it's phrased now, it does give me pause that I do not have any ownership of the output I generate.

I'll be picking up the paid version of WaveBots later today and look forward to getting more time with it. Thanks again.


So far WaveBots has been a really interesting way to create audio. Congratulations on building such a cool product.

The EULA for WaveBots specifies the following in regards to the Output:

To the greatest extent enforceable under applicable law, the Output is dedicated to the public domain according to the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication ("CC0").

There's a small blurb in the original blog post that touches on the intention of this:

All the output from the system is CC0, which means that it is free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects without any attribution.

The blog post makes the intention sound to be having me, as a user, free to use the output. However the language from the EULA sounds like the output I create must be dedicated to public domain under CC0. Is this the case? If so, if I am working on a closed-source project, this makes it sound like all of my music and sounds would need to be public domain.

Any clarification is appreciated. Thanks!