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Hey @WaveBots,

Loving the application so far. The lack of documentation is tough, but I'm sorting through the templates to see how things are configured.

One thought I had was around the creation of new instruments. Would it be possible to allow for the importing of SoundFont or SFZ files? Being able to create an instrument in WaveBots from a SoundFont or SFZ file would open up a lot, as there are many existing files out there.

Just a thought & curious to hear. Thanks.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback and question.

Glad to hear that you enjoy the application!

I hope to add support for soundfonts in a future update, but it is a rather large addition. A possible alternative would be to add support for external Midi synthesizers or even plugins that can be configured to use a certain soundfont. I have done that before with VST and it is a lot easier than adding support for reading and playback of soundfonts.