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Itch Labels to collect multiple artists + projects in one place (similar functionality to Bandcamp)

A topic by troyduguid created May 25, 2017 Views: 317 Replies: 3
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Hello, I make projects as part of a larger collective/independent label and I was just wondering if it was possible to somehow present the same project on multiple pages.

for instance, there is myself and three other people with itch accounts that worked together to create this project which is uploaded on our collective page. It would be cool to somehow also display this on our individual profiles, but clicking it would redirect to one specific project (in this case, the dystropicana project on aaartgames).

Going forward we want to collect solo projects as well on aaartgames, so the library on the aaartgames profile would be a mix of both aaartgames uploads + uploads  of others.

I suppose this is possible using collections, but it is still divided and feels more like a youtube playlist or something to the user i think.

I hope that makes sense?


This would be a really handy feature to have.  I make games as part of a gamedev group and we would love to be able to add multiple contributors to a game and have them show up on each individual page.  Currently to add people as a contributor you have to add them as an admin and check contributor but that doesn't show the game on their profile, only on the profile of the person who uploaded.  Being able to create a group page for the club and have the games show up there but also on the pages of the individual contributors would be really awesome.  


Oh yes. As a frequent game jam participant, I would really really like to see such feature on It's really disappointing to not be able to show the game on the pages of each team member, especially as some of us use their pages as some kind of jamming potfolio. +1 from me!

and/or subpage for project pages

or makin developer groupped pages