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so great!!! such an amazing visual style 🤠

really nice. I love the textures on the planets, somehow pixel-y and painterly, liquified and evocative 🤓



Really lovely little game! Loved how the environments lead into each other, feels so fluid and dream like.



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GOTY 2018!

This is a truly amazing, inspring project. I don't think I've ever felt closer to being able to comprehend the impossible amounts of wealth of these monstorous people.
A new favourite game of mine.

thank you!

my match is Fryer :D

Fantastic! Loved how you used the window size expressively.

Hello, I make projects as part of a larger collective/independent label and I was just wondering if it was possible to somehow present the same project on multiple pages.

for instance, there is myself and three other people with itch accounts that worked together to create this project which is uploaded on our collective page. It would be cool to somehow also display this on our individual profiles, but clicking it would redirect to one specific project (in this case, the dystropicana project on aaartgames).

Going forward we want to collect solo projects as well on aaartgames, so the library on the aaartgames profile would be a mix of both aaartgames uploads + uploads  of others.

I suppose this is possible using collections, but it is still divided and feels more like a youtube playlist or something to the user i think.

I hope that makes sense?

Hi itch community, i have a question...

I've created an anthology of projects and stuff here

but ive found if i install and hit the launch button in the itch client it will just open up the first unity project, when in fact the ideal launch behaviour i'd like is to just open up the local folder to see all the files. Is that possible?

The download is free, if anyone doesnt know what I mean and wants to try it for themselves.


Love this game. Eclectic visuals combined with an understated, subtle sense of humour. Support the dev and give it a whirl!

Fantastic atmosphere and music w a mixture of 3D nostalgia and anxiety.
Couldn't recommend enough!