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In this Zelda-like game, explore the wondrous dream world of the human Young. · By Melos Han-Tani, Marina Kittaka

Adobe Air Error

A topic by CommissarHark created Jun 28, 2020 Views: 620 Replies: 9
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I have the newest version of Air installed and I have Anodyne installed correctly so far as I know but every time I try to launch the game it tells me that I don't have the right version of Air. Help? My wife is a huge Zelda fan and I want her to be able to try this out.

Did you click on the app and extract all to a new folder and then run the app?

Adobe Air?

No, if you've got the latest version of Adobe Air you should be fine but I meant for the game itself, click download then in the folder click on the game name/application and choose "extract all" if you're running on Windows. Then choose a folder to extract to. That should open up when it's done and the 'application' will look like an actual icon and you can click that (in the folder you downloaded to) and run it from there. I had the error you're talking about happen to me too but this fixed it for me.

Oh I see. Yeah I did that. I extracted the game and all, but its just not recognizing that I have adobe air installed.


You shouldn't need to install anything related to AIR to run the Mac and Windows versions. The Linux version, you might - but I'm not sure how to get that running (which is why it says unsupported, unfortunately). Still, you might be able to get advice if you hop on our  discord server -

I uninstalled both Air and the game, and then reinstalled them and now it works fine.

mine keeps saying need adobe airfor window too

I'm having the same issue too even after downloading and extracting several times

me too