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Ok, 7zip seems to have solved it. Thanks!

Ok that's really weird because the download is saying 9.8gigs when I download straight from Itch. I'm going to try downloading it again right now, and using 7zip. If that doesn't work I'll throw up some screenshots so you can see what I'm talking about.

I tried redownloading the file but its still not letting me extract the files and install because it's 4.5 Ecta Bytes which, again, seems impossible. How could that be compressed down to 10gigs?

STARDROP community · Created a new topic Extraction Woes

I'm trying to extract the game and install it but the application is apparently claiming to be 1 quadrillion KB and can't be extracted. What am I missing here?

I uninstalled both Air and the game, and then reinstalled them and now it works fine.

Oh I see. Yeah I did that. I extracted the game and all, but its just not recognizing that I have adobe air installed.

Adobe Air?

Same here tried it three different times today.

Anodyne community · Created a new topic Adobe Air Error

I have the newest version of Air installed and I have Anodyne installed correctly so far as I know but every time I try to launch the game it tells me that I don't have the right version of Air. Help? My wife is a huge Zelda fan and I want her to be able to try this out.