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Goon Archetypes

A topic by sBritcher created May 26, 2020 Views: 322 Replies: 4
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i was just thinking about this and wondering of anyone has thought about archetypes based on point spends on the classes?

Like how a B3S0E0 Character versus a B2S1E0 versus a B2S0E1 would be different?


That'd be an easy way to implement classes. especially if you wrote of a special ability to go with each archetype.

Quick back of envelope mathing suggests 10 “archetypes” with B/S/E classes and three points to spend. Would get more complicated with addition of extra classes (i’m noodling around with “Courtier”, good with social stuff)

Brute Priority: Fighter

Skulker Priority: Rogue

Erudite Priority: Spellcaster??? 

The archetypes should be tied to implied setting, like Nate did in the basic rules. Each archetype should have a specific skill or implement that gives a situational bonus. Might work well with historical settings.