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A Tibbiusgames hack of Jason Tocci's 2400, John Harper's World of Dungeons, and Ben Milton's Maze Rats. ...

A Tibbiusgames hack of Jason Tocci's 2400, John Harper's World of Dungeons, and Ben Milton's Maze Rats.

Thanks so much for following me! I am so glad that you have compiled this resource. It is a great benefit to creators who are strapped for budget.

I'm on and also on Discord (tibbius there, too) - hmu if you'd like to play.

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In linux, you can use


and then

   lp -o sides=two-sided-long-edge

Oh snap this is a tour de force ...

A 60 page pdf, made for use with MAZE RATS. 

LISTENING to a VANISHED GOD is a game about exactly that. Your reavers live and strive in a fairy-tale land of disrupted power structures. Six generations ago, the four-armed god emperor Mag disappeared, producing tumult among the populace of its eponymous domain. Two kings and a queen are trying to establish supremacy and a rule of law in place of the vanished god's whims. Your reavers can hear the Voice of Mag, and from its whispers they can bind spells that afflict them or those near them with arcane marks. Because they bear the Marks of Mag, your reavers are feared and respected. They also are hunted by the knights of the kings and queen.

For whatever reason, whenever I see a mode of communication, one of my first thoughts is "how could I do a TTRPG with this?"

Anyone who's interested in playing LitaVaG by posting in this thread, just throw down a character and let's go.

If you would like a paper copy of this, I may eventually provide a print-on-demand via DTRPG (additional charge will apply).

However, it's also possible to use the free Adobe Acrobat to booklet-print the pdf that you can download here. It comes out a little thick, but a regular stapler will bind it for you and then it's a nice tangible zine that you can hold in your hands and flip through. Just make sure that you set the paper size in Acrobat to match your printer's feed tray. That confused me the first time I tried to do this.

WIthout brackets, this statement is ambiguous:

if not invincible and hp <= 0

I'm launching TWO new games. I hope you might be interested. You can access them both at the same link:

One is a procedural dungeon crawler that can be played solo or in a group. It's two pages long and it's called Link-boiZ. It's based a little bit in Matt Click's Plasma Torch and a little bit in Jason Tocci's 2400. The adventuring party shares a single dice pool, which gets more powerful as they get more desperate.

The other is a one-pager, a more traditional single-character TTRPG that draws from the ideas of Chris McDowall's Into the Odd, Ben Milton's Knave, and Michael Wolf's Warrior, Rogue & Mage. It's intended for group play. I named it ScoundreL.

They both have the same cover art by Carlos Castilho, who is just a terrific artist. I really like the piece he did for this and thought it made sense to package the two games this way as they share an assumed setting.

Yes, if you go back to your DTRPG library now you should see that it is marked as "updated" and there should be a v2 file to download there - now.

Oh dear! Thank you for letting me know that. I just took a look at dtrpg and realized that I had not updated the files! Please go there and download the most current version now.

Thanks! Sales at dtrpg increase the likelihood that someone else will see my stuff as "also purchased," which is a nice feature that I would love to see come to itch.

No, same thing. Economics of payment processing mean that I have to charge more on itch.

Thing I'm thinking about Take Courage ... already have house-ruled this, partly. Why should it only be Rhyming that can give the group a benefit? Why not also Cooking, or Music? And for the individual, perhaps Carousing could be restorative.

Also thinking that in the Wild you would get the partial benefit as in the rules, whereas in a Haven you would get the full benefit but still would need to make a roll. This would make the game a bit more stressful than the original books.

All in service of a post-war campaign I'm starting, called Shadows and Ash. It's set in the lands of the old Barbarian Prince game, after prince Cal Arath has won back his throne and started a widespread war in the process.

A collection of EIGHT tabletop roleplaying games, all based in past or future history with some mythic tweaks. $6 USD for the lot!

Seven 24XX hacks, and a Vampires & Claymores hack.

  • after: Wights dig graves inside out, assume the identities of those whom they devour. Is your best friend really your best friend after they've been digested and reconstituted? What if they raven and ravage again?
  • Dory+Apsis: Homeric tragedy in pursuit of glory. What is your fate?
  • Eriu: Beware the patruns whose whims can ruin you, or lift you up. Adventures in Bronze Age Eriu.
  • Fair Ones: Souls left to wander far grow wondrous strange and fair. They haunt and can be tamed to serve the living.
  • shine: Bootleggers, jazz cats, and squares contend in Prohibition-era United States.
  • sphinx: Ancient Egyptian adventures.
  • Stone Bone Copper Wood: Chalcolithic myths.
  • Tramp: You are the crew of a tramp freighter on the Great Lakes of North America, during United States Prohibition era.

All for a reasonable bundled price.

24XX: use different shapes of polyhedral dice, depending upon your character's skills or traits, to randomize whether they accomplish their goals without incurring risks such as injury or embarrassment. Vampires & Claymores: roll opposed pools of traditional six-sided dice to assess whether your character accomplishes tasks without problems.

I like to think about how the Alcubierre drive could transform communication between star systems. It would be back to the days of couriers, as starships would outrun radio communications by hundreds of years.

Definitely check out to find the "original" of this approach. There are so many related games now!

The "ADAPTING" section has a great explanation of how to run opponents in 24XX games generally.

It's nice to see someone do this. I write my own contracts, starting from an oral negotiation. A tool like this provides a nice framework for such a negotiation.

Clause 5 is phrased clumsily, perhaps:

"Upon complete payment, the Contractor licenses the Commissioner to reproduce and sell work or assets created for the Project, only as incorporated into the Project."

- that could avoid controversy over whether the rights are being *granted* or *licensed*. It's "clear from context" that you mean "license," but it's good to have all the language consistent with your intent.

Have you considered doing a fantasy characters pack?

Also, how do I contact you to find out your rates for cover, layout & interior work for a module I'm writing?

Font in pdf is very light and difficult to read for my eyes. Maybe consider making it darker / heavier in a future version?

Maybe add Congressional Copies as an option? People can purchase a copy to be sent to their congress-critter's official e-mail?

Love this, too.

Love this

might do it for you?

Yes yes yes! Going to add quite a bit ... working on Backgrounds and Professions now ...

It seems obvious, though not stated in the rules, that the PC will suffer a point of damage for each d6 that is above their Skill Die roll. Is that how it's supposed to be?

Hi, I think I already told you about this. I made a business-card version. Like this, it is CC-BY 4.0.

This is a mashup of 24XX with Tunnel Goons.24 GOONS

cover of 24 GOONS
I feel like that will be enough explanation for people who are interested in simple not-quite-freeform TTRPGs. It is PWYW.

I really should have put it in spread view in the pdf reader, missed that ... but that's another nice piece of flair!

Seriously, this is very well done.

I also want to mention a subtle thing you did with layout, which is to put People before Working.

Nice framing.

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An alternative procedure:

At the start of each turn, roll 5 six sided dice. If any die rolls higher than the last time it was rolled, the corresponding event occurs during this turn:

  1. Encounter - pick or roll from a table, or ask players for input.
  2. Hint of encounter - pick or roll from a table, or ask players for input. This die also becomes an Encounter die, until the hinted encounter occurs.
  3. Fatigue - implement a rule for hindering the characters due to them being tired.
  4. Depletion - implement a rule for reducing one of the characters' resources (often, light; sometimes, fuel).
  5. Environment - change the environment (e.g., different weather; different smell; different sound).
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Gosto do seu trabalho, Horos. A sua produção é impresivo.

Also - have you heard the term "lyric game?"

This is **NOT** that.

While the bits of the ashcan that I have read are entertaining, they are *nothing* compared to the snippet of play that we've had so far.

With a good table, the ingredients dug out of this ashcan really come alive into something flavorful and filling.

We're playing a forum game of Chapter 5 (the Rainy Day) over at Drop by and check it out ... so far this is the funniest, sweetest rpg I've ever played!

Cheers! Like all the 24XX genre, it can be easy and fun to solo this. offers a ton of resources for solo play. I'm using his Wyldspire Woods with this game myself, and it's a great fit!