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mac please?

it's on steam

Happening to me too. Hopefully he fixes it soon

Make sure steam is running in the background.

damn. i was looking forward to playing this game with my friends, but i guess the mac/linux versions are singleplayer only

this is why my friends bully me about my computer

also when i host game it does not give me the game id

how do i join a game? there's a button for "host game" but not "join game". i have steam running in the background and i am logged in

no clue, there's no button to join a server, just to host

oops the file is gone

it wasn't that good anyway

i deleted it on accident. reviving the file now

Damn, wish I could afford this.

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is it actually just purple with yellow scribbles

character sheet, MADE


oh a character sheet would be nice! there's really no one page that fits everything you need for character creation tho

thank you :)

rocket-jumping makes it so much easier

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i can't download it for mac?

(edit: says it cannot read property 'build' of undefined)


does this game work with Catalina? I want to know before i purchase because I made that mistake when I tried to get kraken's curse

community copies are out

awwwwww yeeeeeah

when can we get 64 bit version? i bought the game for my mac but could not play it. it looks amazing, but it's a shame that it's inaccessible to me. an update would be great!

will it be 64 bit? i'm on catalina

probably not. catalina made a lot of games unplayable. i hope i can get a refund bc i'm on mac too

release for mac???

oh yeah, generate a random strip and then add dialogue. sounds awesome


why is this game $50

I found it on the Itch main page.

this game looks cool. shame it's not available for Mac, I really want to play it

I think it's used for HPS's Hex Cartography Kit

This game is great, but I wish you could change controls to WASD + Mouse

It's out!

I made an adventure for Prole!

This adventure includes a city map, a dungeon/basement map, and a short supplement.

It will be released on my page shortly (probably tomorrow!)

I just realized that the acronym for "Church Of Gears" is COG

Was this on purpose

This game is so wonderful! Love the artwork and the simple storyline. For the Empire!

sequel when?

I'm making some small adventures for this game, and I was wondering if I could post them on my page (giving credit to you, of course.)

I took a wooden token and drew on it with Sharpie to make a cool token for my own games