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Got it.

What dice should I be rolling when making a panic check?

Definitely could see using this and Sprawl goons in conjunction with some of the materials from The Sprawl by Hamish Cameron.

I feel like this could pair nicely with the ideas of “Your Body, An Altar”, with this providing the spheres of influence of a spirit/god and yb,aa providing the framework of “form, desire, fear”, and maybe Geondic Beastiary or the Metamorphica for the appearance/form.

*reading description of Geondic Travels, gets reminded of Dead Memories, and that the Gardens of Ynn are mentioned in passing there in. Getting ideas for many-realm weirdness*

Striped Witch Cat, unclear whether it is a Striped Witch that is also a Cat, or a Striped Cat that is also a Witch.

Researcher’s note: Further research is required, hopefully can get a Grant from the Collegium Arcanicum.

I know that there are a bunch of the Happy Jack's Actual plays that have been making use of it if you want to see it in action.

Also, have you heard of Decuma? It's basically all the character ties and world building style questions from PBTA games on tarot cards that you can use for whatever RPG you're playing as part of a Session Zero.

Oh nice, will have to look into that.

i've fallen in love with the idea of "Oracles" in games since I saw the one in Ironsworn and I love your "Oracle for protagonists".

I know mechanically they're random roll charts, but there's something about changing the name that changes the feeling.

Quick back of envelope mathing suggests 10 “archetypes” with B/S/E classes and three points to spend. Would get more complicated with addition of extra classes (i’m noodling around with “Courtier”, good with social stuff)

i was just thinking about this and wondering of anyone has thought about archetypes based on point spends on the classes?

Like how a B3S0E0 Character versus a B2S1E0 versus a B2S0E1 would be different?

While I like the concept, I'm gonna be abstaining from participation.

This very much of interest to me and will be keen for the full game to be released. I dig the concept and the aesthetic.

Excellent content, and an excellent source of inspiration for diversifying folks in my game world.