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Looking for a fellow developer (I'm an artist and musician)

A topic by Trys10Studios created May 02, 2017 Views: 408 Replies: 4
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I'm an artist looking for a game to lend my artistic abilities. Basically I want to add a little life to some games. Any game style or format is fine. I want to develop a portfolio.

First let me say I have developed my own games in the past, an FPS integrating Unity's Networking, eye gaze accessible games using Tobii EyeX, and even "hacking" a game adapting it for use with the Tobii EyeX. I originally set out to do this for money, but that was never my intention when I was younger. I just wanted to be apart of the artistic process, I gave up on my hopes of being a game artist many years ago for fear of never finding work.

Now I'm looking to do this for fun. Money is great and all, but not my reason for doing this. I want to create worlds wherein players awe at the art like I used to when I was a kid.

All that said, if you're interested, send me a message.

-Ray of Trys10Studios


Hey there! I'm working on a retro first person shooter, but I'm not very satisfied with my art. I'll also need music and sound effects. I'm not very rich, and I'm doing this game mostly for fun at this point, but I'm thinking of selling it anyway, for a few bucks at most. We'd split the revenues, if any, 50/50.

You can check out the thread I made about it here;

Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!

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Greetings Trys10Studios,

I came across your post on here. Hence the reply. I wanted to see if you'd be interested in coming on board a 2D game project that my company is currently working on. This will technically be Lantern Light Studios' second game and we're really excited about making this 2D platform-style game. We currently are a team of about 8 people (Programmers, Artists, Animators, Musicians, etc.) but we are really in need of some more artists to join our team (we currently have 2). Now let me lay it all out there, this would be a non-paying gig, as a matter of fact, I want you to understand that the every single person on the team is doing this pro bono because we just love creating! BUT we still have hopes that we'll all be sharing in the equity of the game, if it were to turn a profit. That of course would include you if you decide you'd want to be a part of the team. If you're interested, let me know. If you have questions, let me know. I'm happy to divulge more about the game if we come to a point that you think you'd like to jump on board a project that could really use your talents. Something that will create opportunity for you to really strengthen your portfolio with another game launched under your belt. Let me know what you think, and thanks for your time.

Drop me an email at

If you'd like some more info on us you can find us in these places....

Best Regards,



Hello Trys10Studios,

We're team of 5,in need of a Music Composer, so If you would like to work with us,We'll be glad to have you alongside! We're doing this games,for fun as you like as well, So we're the best for you,

Hit me up on Discord :    AlaaNasro#2442

I never saw a reply in my dashboard for any of these!  Im so sorry for the late rely.  I am without a computer at the moment.  I will let everyone know when I acquire another.  Thank you for the consideration!