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I'm having issues uploading it here on itch.io.  Here's the prototype on cheesegames.net. 


Absolutely!  I will definitely do that!  I was thinking along the same lines as you mentioned, leaderboards, boss fights, etc.  The biggest difference for my game (compared to others I've seen for Android) is I'm using the accelerometer to  control the player ship and it feels more like a space ship.  Also it requires input from the player to shoot (by tapping the screen).  It's quite dynamic for a simple game, and that's what I was hoping for.  Thanks for the reply :).

I like the overall feel, the waves are a bit slow going but it has great core gameplay!  I like the artwork/gfx and  can't say anything about the music or SFX because I had the volume down (it's late lol).  You really should publish more games like this!  I'm making a game in a similar fashion.  I was hoping to post it to itch.io sometime today to get some feedback.  It's a prototype now, you can check out a video of my latest update here: again, it's a prototype, all he artwork will be redone :).

I never saw a reply in my dashboard for any of these!  Im so sorry for the late rely.  I am without a computer at the moment.  I will let everyone know when I acquire another.  Thank you for the consideration!

I'm an artist looking for a game to lend my artistic abilities. Basically I want to add a little life to some games. Any game style or format is fine. I want to develop a portfolio.

First let me say I have developed my own games in the past, an FPS integrating Unity's Networking, eye gaze accessible games using Tobii EyeX, and even "hacking" a game adapting it for use with the Tobii EyeX. I originally set out to do this for money, but that was never my intention when I was younger. I just wanted to be apart of the artistic process, I gave up on my hopes of being a game artist many years ago for fear of never finding work.

Now I'm looking to do this for fun. Money is great and all, but not my reason for doing this. I want to create worlds wherein players awe at the art like I used to when I was a kid.

All that said, if you're interested, send me a message.

-Ray of Trys10Studios

Trys10Studios You Tube Channel

Alesha's First Time Playing Eye-Ball

Tristan Bug's first time playing Eye-Ball

Thanks for the love! I strive to create new and innovative concepts for gaming, especially accessible games and I appreciate the comment!

Please introduce yourself! I am Ray Wellman, a father of a child with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, a game developer (accessible game developer to be more precise), a musician (rhythm and lead guitar, vocals, harmonies, songwriter). If you want to know more, please ask!

The basic idea of this game was to give kids and adults like my son, whom have very little or no functioning hand movement, accessible game play using the Tobii Eye X controller. If you haven't heard anything about this controller, it's basically intended to enhance gameplay; whereas, I decided to use it exclusively for games like this. I am ridiculously excited for my future in developing games like this. I'm not out to get rich, I just want my son and others like him, to enjoy the wonders of gaming more independently. Things like the Wii are great for hand over hand assistance, and I owe Nintendo many great hours with my son for this. However, I want more for my son, a real independence.

The game is great overall. My only issues are, at one point when I used the mosh pit attack the screen remained shakey even after I let go of the space bar and the mosh attack was over. The other thing was when you have 50 kids crying on the screen at once, the CPU gets a bit bogged down it seems (I'm running 6GB and I have a graphics card lol), maybe when it's calling the updates the colliders are getting embedded? Though I'm not sure if that's the case because strange things usally happen when that's the case. My point is I kind of got "stuck" and my character moved kind of slower, it was hard to get out of that mess lol. Thanks though, that was a great laugh, the game is simple but fun.