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I can not see any a images in itch website

A topic by CatGames created Apr 25, 2017 Views: 341 Replies: 5
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Hello, I would like help with this issue because it's really anoying. The site works fine but I can't see any image on any website page.

It happens in all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), I have already deleted cookies but the problems remains.

I only have this problem with's website, any other website works just fine.

Here are some screenshots.

Thanks in advance.


Hey there,

Is it still happening now?

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Hello, yes, is still happening, and its super weird cause I open similar pages like netflix, steam, gamejolt, gog, origin, and indie db and they all work fine.


Hello, still having any issue? Can you copy and paste an image link and open it directly in your browser to see if there's any kind of error message that tells us what might be doing on.


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Hey there!

I have similar problem. On my work PC all opens fine, but at home I don't see anything. (Sorry for my bad english).

When I open a picture (f.e. screenshot) in a new tab it just doesn't loading. Browser says that connection timed out.

I check with ping - it works fine, but for - bad news, 100% packet loss.

Tracert also shows connection timed out.

Thank you!


Yes is still happening and this is what I get.

Thanks for your help.