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Definitivamente muy intrigante, creo que la riqueza del juego estará en el diálogo que se genere entre los jugadores, y puede llegar a ser muy divertido. Sobre cómo decidir quien gana me parece un poco subjetivo, ya que "cómo voy en el juego" puede influir la decisión de algunos para evitar que otros ganen primero. Buenísimas las bestias, tanto las ilustraciones como los conceptos de personalidad que tienen, una manera muy particular de abordar nuestra cotidianidad. Excelente.

Me gustó mucho este juego. Haré mis comentarios más adelante para no hacer spoilers.


Yes is still happening and this is what I get.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello, yes, is still happening, and its super weird cause I open similar pages like netflix, steam, gamejolt, gog, origin, and indie db and they all work fine.

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Hello, I would like help with this issue because it's really anoying. The site works fine but I can't see any image on any website page.

It happens in all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), I have already deleted cookies but the problems remains.

I only have this problem with's website, any other website works just fine.

Here are some screenshots.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Awesomnessticity. Thank you for playing my game, I'm glad you liked it. I left you a comment in the video on youtube. Your toughts about the game are really useful to me. If you can put a link to the game in the description of your video, I will really appreciate it. Stay Awesome!