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Too many game jams?

A topic by Arowx created Apr 21, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 2
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Is there too many game jams on (currently 33 on the list)?

What if could only have one jam starting per day, or a maximum of 5 game jams at any one time.

Game jam ideas could be submitted to the community and voted on, with the winning idea getting the game jam slot.

With a queuing mechanism old high voted game jams could drop into slots when there is a game jam idea drought.

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A lot of jams are specific to communities and simply use Itchio as a submission platform. Like QaziJam9.5 happening right now is for QaziTV twitch viewers, not the general Itch community.

Having limited slots for jams would be pointless for jams like his. In fact they'd hurt jams like his, he'd probably just start using gamejolt instead, along with many other jam organizers that don't want to change their scheduling to match some randomly voting users who aren't even part of their jam community.

Some game jams catch fire, others do not. Pick and chose and there's quite a selection. Its on jam hosts and participants to promote them. Some people piggy back on other game jams.