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Hiraeth : The Last Barbarian - 3D action rpg hack and slash

A topic by princegamestudio created Apr 20, 2017 Views: 1,109 Replies: 8
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I'm an indie developer and this is my next project: "Hiraeth : The Last Barbarian" a 3D action role-playing hack and slash game.


In this game you control a barbarian who is ready to complete his tribe ceremony: "trial of warriors". In this test the fighters need to pass the ancients' path, but under the test something unusual happens, and the barbarian gets into dangerous situation. Furthermore the hero also must find a way back to his home.

I dig the skulls and the style. Art and visuals look great already! Keep going!

Thank you!

i dont like RP:s but this is looking good

Thank you!

It's A Trap!

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Early development build (special effects and some other things are missing):

Cave with orcs

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The Last Barbarian is on Steam Greenlight! Please support it: