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Thank you! Using Unity and C# (supported language by unity), models big part from the unity asset store, humanoid animations  from (which is free)

Yes, of course.

It is an interesting idea. I think the random generated levels difficulty can be too various,  but apart from this it would be a cool feature,  I will to try implementing it.

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Dinoku  is a logic game where you must help the dinos to eat all the leaves on the way. There are different kinds of plants with special ability, making levels more challenging and exciting.

Check out demo or full version on
Dinoku community · Created a new topic Bug Reporting!

Please post bug reports here

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Thank you for feedback, just finished another project so I try to finish  Guards of the Gate on the next months (will finish probably in March).
I like your 'pass' suggestion, try to implement something like that.

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The Last Barbarian is on Steam Greenlight! Please support it:

Cave with orcs

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Early development build (special effects and some other things are missing):

Thank you

It's A Trap!

Thank you!

Thank you!

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I'm an indie developer and this is my next project: "Hiraeth : The Last Barbarian" a 3D action role-playing hack and slash game.


In this game you control a barbarian who is ready to complete his tribe ceremony: "trial of warriors". In this test the fighters need to pass the ancients' path, but under the test something unusual happens, and the barbarian gets into dangerous situation. Furthermore the hero also must find a way back to his home.

Thanks for review and suggestions

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Guards of the Gate is a rogue-like RPG game with turn based battles on hexagonal fields. You control a team of heroes aka Guards of the Gate, who are trying to save the world from the evil Dragon Lord. Early beta build is available!

Check out early beta on

(This is the first public beta test verison: it's contains the first 4 level. In every few weeks new contents will be added. Bugs and glitches can appear, please report them. Every feedback is welcome!)

Support game on steam greenlight