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Issue with new devlog

A topic by Polyducks created Apr 08, 2020 Views: 579 Replies: 2
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Hi! I get the error 'missing token' when trying to submit a devlog. Nothing else is highlighted and all fields are completed. I can't submit a devlog.

Effect was the same in both Chrome and Firefox.

EDIT: It was possible to make a devlog on a different game that I own. The problem is with this game:

Admin (1 edit)

It looks like you were able to make a post. Were you able to figure out the issue?

That error message is associated with our CSRF protection, and could be related to cookies in your browser.

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Sometimes the devlog worked and sometimes it didn't. It may be to do with pasting images from elsewhere, as I was able to launch a devlog without images the next day.

It seems posting devlogs is intermittently functioning. I couldn't tell you why.

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