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I can't upload my godot game in!

A topic by Jumma Game Developer created Apr 07, 2020 Views: 667 Replies: 21
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I've made a game using godot. I exported it for windows and then when I uploaded it says, "There was a problem completing your upload. Try again. If the problem persists contact support." I can't use the contact support also.  I think that's because the game is not needed an installer. it instancely open the game.exe file. And I think a game is uploadable on only when it's an iinstaller. I can't make the installer. Now what to do? Is there is a way to upload my godot game to If you know a way please help me by replying bellow.

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I don't understand your question. Games uploaded to Itch should not have an installer. Just put it in a zip archive. But Itch isn't going to stop you from uploading an installer if you make one. How big is your game? There's a size limit. And why can't you contact support?

When I archive my project it's just 10 M.B. So there is no problem with the size. But when I upload this it saws, "There was a problem completing your upload. Try again. If the problem persists contact support." Clicking on contact support, it take me to a place where the first contact support is on twitter. I have an twitter account and it saws can't message Because that is a page. And there are no other contact support options. I don't know is the file is not supported or there are any other problems.


It's @itchio, without a dot, and right below that on the support page there's a big red button that says E-mail If neither works, I can let an admin know. Maybe your internet connection is slow, but it's best to check. Hope this helps!

Now I think it's because of slow internet connection. I even don't know how to check internet speed but when I download something I see the speed is under 10 K.B.(Minimam) to 150K.B.(Maximum). The E-mail takes me to a blank page which never respond. I have tryed uploading another file which I have uploaded before. That is not also uploading. So I don't think that the files have no problem. The problem now would be on my acoount, or can be my internet connection. Whatever , now I'll try to solve the problem myself. But If anyone knows how to solve the problem please help me by replying!


That's an e-mail address. Maybe you don't have an e-mail client installed, or else your browser isn't configured to open it. Just send e-mail to however you can.

I can send a mail to their email address. But is their email address is, "" or "" or what? Do you know?

Hey, sorry for you're loss but can you help me im trying to make a platformer... can you tell me whats wrong (im using godot because its LIT) 

I'm not an expert but I think it'll work when you'll put the motion var to func _ready(). And also you've wrote-

var motion = Vector2()

you must try:

var motion = Vector2(0, 0)

Try that, it must work. If dosen't worked yet tell me what is the error is telling.

Im new to coding well kinda this is the OUTPUT THAT you wont understand

Not that one, when your run paused for this error there must be a new window where details of object of error would seen. I want you to saw the object. If you haven't understood what window I'm talking about just run and take a screenshot of godot when it paused for the error.(But don't take screenshot of your game which is running)

Can you upload games which are made with godot? I have a problem.

I havent made a game before and i dont know how to upload games, maybe send me a video of how to.

Okay, no problem I'll upload a video about that on my you tube channel.

oh its wrong because the motion variable is a vector2 which has an x and a y value Vector2(x, y) so if you want to declase the motion you will say motion.x or motion.y it matters where you want the motion to go like up and down, left or right 


Yes, it's, as I told you two times already. Why do you even ask about GMail? Nobody mentioned GMail.

Bro, I'm happy that I've now suddenly abled to upload the game flappy bird! You can try playing this game here - ""

hahah mate i'm really late around here, but how did u fix it? 

I actually don't know. I don't remember what I did. But that day, suddenly the game was got uploaded. That's all I remember!

same here lol i cant upload

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