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what is the point of saying this in a 2 year old comment?

guys oculus is shit (not clickbait)

oculus support?

hi i just played your game on steam, my steam username is SwordsAway, i don't really know if i like this type of game, but i love helping developers and giving them feedback!

excuse me english please

Hey this look's really cool!

Everybody! I don't have alot of time to test you're games, But they look amazing! I just don't have alot of time so would you guys test eachothers games and review it? It would help thanks!

Okay, sorry thank's.

It's not violent right?

i hope u get alot of money from this donation thing

this game gives me wreck it ralph vibes

I played you're game but are you a group of people or something?

I'm gonna test it soon tell me if you have any  other game's.

Is this android only?

I dont have a youtube channel but i'm sure somebody will. i'll  play you're game

dose it work for ps4 controllers

do controllers work on the demo? on

It's Good, great job would you like to join my game jam?

Alright, Thanks!

Link me game's that you've made.

3-4 week's why so far away?

the zoom feature is normal

No i'm not a youtuber i just thought you had copyrighted sound's because i want you're game to get on steam for even more players to play you're amazing game, will you ever put it on consoles (PS4)

but u coded everything

are u using free assets just wondering and i might try this

Ima try this

Yes, but i feel like there are copyrighted sound's?

yet atleASt.

Great game i found no bug's

Yeah, and also i'm learning scripting how do i get a Developer Thing? like tag thing the blue tag thing u have

I'm downloading the game i'll give feedback after i play atleast 30 Minutes of it

Hmm it seems good, I think this would be a hit! ill test this for ya

Who want's me to make a game jam?

Ok good i was just checking, And i was the first comment on this to.

when its in fullscreen like this

But then if its notUgh i get what happened, the GUI is messed up

that happens to me when i did roblox coding i probably will still do that tbh.


can you help me?

Would you like to enter my game jam? SPIDERMAN 3D GAMES (you can take code from this)